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'We will, we will ... screen you!' Hershey Medical Center staffers borrow Queen hit, keep employees safe; WATCH THE VIDEO


“Buddy, you’re in health care, so are we. Coming into work every day of the week!”

A video posted April 8 on the Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Facebook page shows how staff is having some fun when employees arrive for the start of their shift, all to the tune of “We Will Rock You” by Queen. Except in this case, it’s “We Will Screen You.”

The people who appear in the video are employees with the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center who are stationed at entrances to the medical center to screen employees arriving before the start of their shift, said medical center spokeswoman Barbara Schindo.

You can hear the song echoing through the halls when staff members sing it.

The screening includes a brief questionnaire and a temperature check, to ensure the safety of staff and patients and the medical center community in general, she said.

Schindo said she did not have any more information regarding who came up with the idea to do the video, or if the idea to adapt the well-known Queen hit was original to the medical center employees here, or if they had copied or adapted something they had seen elsewhere.

“THIS is how we lift each other up!” the Facebook post states.

The post had more than 180 comments as of Friday afternoon.

“Thanks for keeping it positive and protecting others. Penn State Health proud!” said one.

“So glad you are able to have a good time in your stressful day … please keep your heads held high, you’re doing a great job,” said another.