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WE ARE HISTORY: This is goodbye as Press & Journal publishes its last edition


To our readers, advertisers, staff, friends and family —

Today, you hold in your hands the final edition of the Press & Journal. In last week’s paper we shared all the reasons we’re closing down our newspaper business. Factors include advertising losses to the internet and the coronavirus pandemic’s devastating impact on local businesses. But this week, we’re taking space and time to express our sincere gratitude.

To our community: When we asked for help during the first months of the COVID-19 crisis, you came through with donations and subscriptions. We surely wouldn’t have been able to hold on for as long as we did without that help. 166 years is a long time to be intimately connected to one place, and we’re honored to have served you.

To our advertisers: As some advertisers began to drift to the internet giants, many local businesses, organizations and municipal governments steadfastly stayed with us. You believed in the value of local journalism and were willing to support us with advertising dollars. Your success was our success.

To our staff: You may never know how much we respect what you’ve accomplished — especially during this difficult time. Some of you have been with us for more than 30 years, and we treasure such loyalty. Our readers saw our final product every week, but what they didn’t see was the hard work and dedication it took by a lot of good people to bring it to the public.

To our family: This newspaper at its core is a family business. Five generations of grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, moms, dads, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of the Fox, Graybill and Sukle families have worked here. We laughed together, argued together, celebrated together and cried together. Through good times and bad, we preserved our paper’s long tradition of providing independent journalism to this community. We leave behind a reputation for fearlessly speaking truth to power and a proud legacy of watchdog reporting that served all its citizens. We had high hopes our daughter, Julianna, would usher the family business into the future. That can no longer be. It will be our deepest regret.

This newspaper has been our life, our whole adult lives. There will be no knight on a white horse to rush in and save the day, and we worry about the effect our closing will have on the communities we cover. But, because of all of you, we were able to publish a damn good local newspaper for a very, very long time.

As heartbroken as we are, we refuse to be bitter. We’re not going to go out throwing stones. We gave it our best shot, and it’s been a great run. And that’s how we’ll end this story.

Thank you to one and all.

Joe and Louise Sukle own Press & Journal Publications.