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We are fortunate TMI will be shutting down: Letter to the Editor

Posted 5/28/19

Dream of the time when citizens know we live with truth and justice in a safe and secure energy future. I do.

Together, I believe we’re committed to clean air and water, protecting our …

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We are fortunate TMI will be shutting down: Letter to the Editor


Dream of the time when citizens know we live with truth and justice in a safe and secure energy future. I do.

Together, I believe we’re committed to clean air and water, protecting our environment, American workers and American companies. May balancing our stewardship of the environment with the needs of a growing economy not ignore the health and safety of the public regarding Three Mile Island and nuclear energy.

Its consequences … catastrophic!

Respect for life, human dignity and the integrity of our environment are moral values being ignored by proponents of and in the nuclear industry. To believe we all got just an X-ray from this TMI disaster denies the truth and facts and overshadows the light of justice and our freedom. America is better than that! Thankfully Exelon just announced it will shut down TMI Unit 1 in September.

We live and deal with the realities of the worst commercial nuclear meltdown in American history and its ramifications. It’s not about dollars and cents until priorities are in order. To ignore and deny legitimate science, facts, human health and safety concerns from witnesses and professionals is man’s inhumanity to man, making one unable to find trust in the industry or government.

Attempting to classify nuclear power in positive terms, such as “green,” “carbon free” or “zero-emissions energy” fails to recognize nuclear power is nowhere near economically or environmentally friendly with its nuclear life cycle. Uranium mining and processing, radiation and nuclear waste are all part of nuclear energy. How can this electricity justly be put on a level playing field with the clean renewables of water, wind, geothermal and solar?

Is a house or company able to be built without a place to safely dispose of waste? Accepting there are risks in life, for 40 years and more not finding the responsible and safe disposal of the nuclear waste we continue to create keeps the cart before the horse.

“Love casts out fear.” Human life’s value must be upheld and part of the solution. “We the People” are not disposable.

The nuclear meltdown in Unit 2 still needs to be cleaned up, and now the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will oversee the decommissioning of Unit 1. Where is accountability as we find a nuclear meltdown and nuclear waste in our backyards, radiation levels minimized and people wonder if government even cares?

Trust God in faith and love, and hope the Lord tries to do what is right and just. We did not ask for a voice in nuclear power. The Three Mile Island meltdown was thrust upon us. We democratically responded with an overwhelming vote, and with our elected officials. However, we were denied “no restart” by an appointed body of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which supports the nuclear industry.

We have responsibly acted for life, liberty and the integrity of our environment. Protecting children, our families and future generations, we expect our health and safety not to be swept under a bureaucratic rug. Forgiving people does not allow one to forget what needs to be done to find energy solutions that value our humanity. A government of the people, by the people and for the people can do no less.

Exelon had announced it would close TMI this year, unless federal or state government acted to put nuclear power on a level playing field economically with other forms of energy. Our Pennsylvania state Legislature has been dealing with the many complexities of the issue. The federal government makes it complicated when its responsibility to protect the health and safety of the public is obscure.

Nuclear power doesn’t need a level playing field. We need Congress to investigate the NRC’s purpose, to better define and understand what the meaning of their responsibility is to protect the health and safety of the public. Possibly there also can be dialogue about an educational/research center at TMI focusing on safe energy practices, epidemiology, health and safety, radiation, monitoring and decommissioning, storage of nuclear waste, new energy possibilities, etc., places of higher education and medical institutions may participate.

“There may be room there for such a holy experiment, for the nations want a precedent. And my God will make it the seed of a nation. That an example may be set up to the nations. That we may do the thing that is truly wise and just.” This is printed in the Pennsylvania Capitol Rotunda. 

For virtue, liberty and independence, giving praise and thanks for God’s merciful love through my savior, Jesus Christ, not my will but God’s will be done. Peace be with you! God Bless America!

Linda Braasch

Lower Swatara Township