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Tattered Flag has donated almost 500 gallons of hand sanitizer it is making, with more on the way


Tattered Flag has already donated close to 500 gallons of hand sanitizer to first responders, companies and individuals, co-owner Pat Devlin told the Press & Journal on Monday. 

In an update posted Monday on its Facebook page, Tattered Flag said it is preparing for “a major upscaling” of making more hand sanitizer starting by the end of Wednesday, based on when Tattered Flag expects to be receiving shipments of the needed raw materials.

“We’re going to be in the thousands of gallons by the end of next week,” Devlin said.

The hand sanitizer is made using a byproduct of the distillery process, known as the “heads.” It is an unusable waste product that most distilleries throw away. The hand sanitizer is made by mixing the “heads” product with After Sun Gel or any other similar kind of gel. It needs more of the gel — After Sun or any other comparable gel brand.

The priority for hand sanitizer is still meeting the needs of first responders. However, Tattered Flag hopes by later this week or early next week to be able to start selling the hand sanitizer to everyone else at cost, according to Devlin.

The pace of people reaching out to Tattered Flag to ask for hand sanitizer isn’t slowing down and if anything is picking up, based on the Monday Facebook update.

“We are literally receiving hundreds of requests via phone, email, and social media EACH HOUR,” the post said. “It’s becoming overwhelming to the point that it’s taking away from our ability to produce.”

Plenty of those requests are still coming from first responders, but Tattered Flag is also now increasingly hearing from “everybody” in general with a need for hand sanitizer, Devlin said.

Tattered Flag has been overwhelmed by the continued generosity of people donating gels needed to make the hand sanitizer, and the bottles to put it in. The need for those donations continues, Devlin said.