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Still think your vote doesn't count? Think again.

Posted 11/12/13



Every vote counts. We hear it year to year during election season, but do you believe it? For many, it may seem difficult to consider the sigificance of one vote - especially when looking at presidential elections because of …

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Still think your vote doesn't count? Think again.


There are many excuses people give for not voting—no time, not enough knowledge about the candidates, forgetting—and then there are the people who say, “what’s the point? My vote doesn’t count.”

But by not voting you’re giving your voice to someone else. 

Think it doesn’t matter if you sacrifice your lunch break or wake up a little earlier to go to the polls? 

Consider this year’s elections. In Middletown’s First Ward, 757 voted, according to unofficial results.

Eighteen votes were write-ins. A mere 32 votes separated incumbent Councilor Robert Louer Jr. and hopeful Rachelle Reid.


Looking for a better argument that your vote counts? Consider the unofficial results in the Borough’s Third Ward—there the winner was proclaimed by a two-vote margin - two votes! Think about it, two  people’s voices were so very important. 


Victoria Malone received 239 votes, and Marcia Cleland garnered 237. A breakdown of precincts shows Cleland receiving one more vote in the second precinct and three less votes in the first. 

Because these are unofficial results and any provisional votes cast haven’t been counted yet, according to Jerry Feaser, the director of the county’s Election and Voter Registration bureau, this election is too close to call.

Time will only show how important those provisional votes are too.

The results speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter which way you vote, or why you vote. As long as you vote, that vote will count. It will make a difference. Your voice will be heard, but that’s only if you step into the voting booth.

Still think your vote doesn’t count? Think again.

Noelle Barrett is a reporter for the Press And Journal and can be reached at 717-944-4628, or