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Sound Off: 07/16/14

Posted 7/15/14


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“Do you know what really makes me mad…” …

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Sound Off: 07/16/14


Click here to submit a Sound OFF.

Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


“Do you know what really makes me mad…”

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“Yes, citizens of Highspire, please be very suspicious…”

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“Yeah, Bob Danine says ethanol is saving us gas mileage…”

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“Where are all you big mouths that complain about people on welfare? Why aren't you complaining about the illegals coming over here in droves? Guess what, your taxes are going to pay for them to and they’re not even United States citizens.”

“I am sad and also mad as hell. Anyone who has ever had dealings with Greg knows what a polite, genuine, professional young man he is. And I will never forget how he canceled major surgery when our town flooded two years ago, and we almost lost power for days, he stayed and kept my lights on. God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers.”

“Councilors McNamara, Sullivan, Louer, and Brubaker all need to go. I have been saying they have done nothing but destroy and bankrupt this town. And now they ran off one of the best managers we had.”

“Middletown lost a lot when we lost Greg Wilsbach as head of the electric department.”

“Why is Chris Courogen still employed with the Borough? Chris McNamara, maybe you should be answering this question.”

“If you go over the speed limit, you are breaking the law. And guess what? As a lawbreaker you are a CRIMINAL!! The police need to do their job.”

“Great job Middletown Swim Club with your 4th of July festivities.”

“It's Tuesday night after the storm, going on 10. Parts of Oak Hills are still out of power. So what is the back-up plan?”

“The Middletown council members should arrange meetings at least twice a year with the voters of their area that elected him or her to council. This will make sure the council member is voting and implementing policy that the people want. Some council members are not doing what the people who voted them in want them to do. I do not think many people of Middletown want their utilities sold off. Middletown utility bills will sky rocket. Middletown people are being overcharged now for utilities especially water and sewage. Also there are two additional service charges added into the already inflated bill. Middletown people are paying utility bills for those that do not pay their bills. There should never be a shortage with all the money collected. About the $230,000 water debt, I do not think so. I think there has been some serious stealing of income from the water fund. This has been going on for years as with the electric fund. We need an independent audit of all Middletown utility funds.”

“Thank you Greggie for standing up to these four councilors. It is a shame to see you leave a job that you were so good at. I have spoken to a lot of residents and with all the positive back feed it is evident that the town is behind you. Good luck, Ephrata got a Gem :).”

“Ed O’Conner, please stop writing into our hometown journal trying to throw in the face of all us citizens on how lucky you are to live outside the country.”

“I presume the borough has a zero tolerance policy.”

“McNamara, you are quoted in the paper saying Wilsbach will have to prove the allegations. You should be careful what you wish for buddy. I have no doubt he will prove that and more.”

“Way to give council hell Wilsbach! Those idiots running this town are running it into the ground. It's an embarrassment! Run the rest of these buffoons out of town!”