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Sound Off--02/27/13

Posted 2/26/13

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“Ahh, come on Middletown Council - McNamara. Be honest for once, REALLY honest. Your strategy is …

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Sound Off--02/27/13


“Have an idea for a downtown promotion, a pajama people parade! Start at the Ghetto Giant. Go through Pineford. Walk past the treeless downtown and end up in council chambers where we can have a nice hot dog buffet paid for by the borough's solicitor.”


“Elks Theatre, how about having a Zombie Walk downtown. I'm serious. I know there's plenty of em here. We could even have the borough secretary be the grand marshal. You could have several movies. Might be a nice fundraiser and help downtown.”


“Why wouldn't council people from Middletown donate their pay to the library? Seems to me the townsfolk are giving up a lot. It would only seem fair the councilors, especially McNamara, would be happy to do this.”


“Read that Carlisle Borough is fully supporting its Main St. Group. Why doesn't Middletown do that? Couldn't bully your way into the GMEDC could ya? Now you're going to get even. That's OK, it's only taxpayers' money you're spending by the buckets!”


“So we're going to pay for another audit in the borough, this time for the water authority. Just how much is that going to cost?”


“This is in response to the writer asking for a coaching change in girls’ basketball. Do you realize they lost four starters off last year’s team, and started two freshman, and two sophomores this year? And their record was better than last year when they made the playoffs. As a parent of a daughter on the team we are more than happy to have Coach Hunter back. Why don't you ask a varsity player if they want a change, guarantee they are happy to have him? Why are you not asking for a change in the boys’ program, they only won seven games?”


“The way to fix a municipality that supposedly is on the verge of a ‘fiscal cliff’ (sound familiar) is not by replacing qualified personnel with incompetent and unprofessional people. For example: the borough secretary - his only qualification is that of a former reporter for a local semi-daily newspaper who reported on local municipal government meetings (he might have even reported on Middletown; note to self: check that); the borough manager who never served as a borough manager until he washed into Middletown on the wavers of Tropical Storm Lee (that storm truly left behind a lot of debris); the finance director who is in water way over her head; the financial consultant who came to us courtesy of the Department of Community and Economic Development (where's the community and economic development?) and recommended an audit that surprisingly revealed the Borough to have a structural deficit that previous highly-respected accounting firms failed to notice (obviously they were not previous employees of DCED); the IT person who I'm told is not very IT savvy. You get the picture. Let's not forget that DCED is paying 75% of the costs of these people/audits through the ACT 47 program so Borough taxpayers are only responsible for 25%. I wonder who the taxpayers are who are responsible for the state's 75%? Surely not us. We're already on the hook for 25%.”


“If you are looking for a job for which you are neither experienced nor qualified please send your resume to: Middletown Borough Council, 60 W. Emaus St., Middletown PA 17057 (if they have not already moved) and you will receive a response if the person who does the responding hasn't been laid off. In which case, sorry about your luck (or maybe not). You might even try Harrisburg. They seem to be fairing better without selling their assets and laying off employees. Good luck!”

“OK Middletown Borough, you're going to cook the numbers for the authority and find, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, a deficit! Then what? SURPRISE, SURPRISE ‘How could this happen?’ McNamara will ask and Councilbird Rhen will chirp ‘close it’ and the rank and file dolts will agree, except Sites, and presto changeo another asset bites the dust! Genius.”


“How about this for an idea to get people downtown in Middletown, close Union St. and have a community yard sale? No businesses, just plain folks. Let the borough and the Journal plan this together. It's about time the two of you put aside your differences and work together. This isn't about who's Boss Hog!”


“Sometime ago, Barb Arnold made it her mission to prevent Mr. Klinepeter from taking a borough vehicle home, citing she believed it was a waste of money. Now, however, apparently Arnold has had a change of heart and is allowing not only Mr. Klinepeter, but also the borough secretary (who lives on the West Shore) and the current police chief (who lives in Perry County) to take a borough vehicle home. I wonder if they use them for their personal use? Way to stick by your guns! Incidentally, I understand the new chief comes to us fresh from the state attorney general's office. Does he have as many contacts as McNamara does having served in the Army's attorney generals' office? I wondered how he is able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time. It helps to have friends in high and low places. But is that the rest of the story?”


“Heard about what a great job Ken Klinepeter did for the VFW. Ken has always performed his duties above and beyond the job requirements. He will continue to make even these idiots look good (or as good as they can look). I only hope we don't lose him too as we have lost Todd Webb and Jeffrey Miller and Leslie Givler of the Authority. They will be missed. Come on people, wake up! This is how Hitler got to power, through the apathy of the people and believing everything he said. On the surface a hero but we all know what was beneath the surface.”


“Have you noticed how many new houses have gone up for sale in the borough since the current council came into power? And by the way, have not noticed any significant decrease in my electric bill. Maybe because Louer went behind the previous council's back and contacted Exelon and now we are locked into a steady rate as Rhen wanted for budget purposes.”


“Goodbye Todd Webb! You certainly were a much better borough secretary and communications person than what we have now. You were always courteous, professional and helpful. Swatara Township's gain is definitely Middletown's loss. Thank you for your years of service to the borough, but I know you will be happy at Swatara.”


“Seriously borough of Middletown, you were closed on Presidents’ Day? And how were we supposed to know that? You're looking to cut things in town, how about those holidays that are lame and useless?”


“OK so there's a new police chief in town and he's isn't fully qualified to do what a police chief is supposed to do? And that's OK with our elected officials? Funny how they trust a total stranger to get certified but every, and I mean EVERY borough employee was distrusted by council. Sound funny to you? Sound disloyal to you? Sound corrupt to you? Got to hand it to you people of Middletown, you elected some beauts!”


“This is to the Middletown Code Enforcement officer: Is it legal to have a non-registered, non-licensed vehicle in a yard of a home in town? There's one in town, well it's a van that has no license plates on it. It's jammed full of stuff and looks like a redneck storage unit. It really gives the area a dumpy look.”


“What happened to this paper? I guess Courogen got to you guys and you won't do any investigating into the problems that face this town, and trust me there is a lot to report on the new chief not being qualified for the job. I get more info on Facebook than your paper!”


“All these reports, comments about Middletown on Facebook, on Internet sites but can you trust or believe them? These people that put those things online have an agenda and that's OK but be careful. I may be old fashioned but I still believe newspapers and some TV stations that have been here a heck of a lot longer than Facebook and Tweeter or whatever.”


“To the genius that complained the MAHS girls’ basketball team failed to make playoffs, did you really expect a team with only one senior starter and the remaining key players all freshman and sophomores to qualify? Do you know the difference between rebuilding a team as opposed to reloading? Sounds more like a disgruntled parent whose kid was not good enough to play much or got cut.”


“With all the negativity being pointed out in the borough, I would just like to point out what a wonderful police department Lower Swatara Township has. Their commissioners (Mehaffie/Wilt) just don't realize how important they are to our community and the quality of service they provide. I have dealt with their officers both in times where I needed them and when I needed corrected and all of them have been polite, professional, and respectful. They go out of their way to make sure things are right. I understand that they are down five or six guys off the street right now and there are a few commissioners (named above) who would rather keep it that way. Keep up the good work guys, you really deserve a pat on the back for all that you do.”


“Ya know, if it wasn't broke, don't fix it. This council has done nothing but screw things up royally. Their attempts to fix their screw-ups only cost additional dollars. I'm sick of it. You have destroyed the efficiency of our local government, and for what? So One little man can rule. King Little needs to step down. There is not enough money in the world to appease your ego.”


“Reading the ignorant comments made by people regarding Mr. Handly's retirement just makes ya go hmmm. Who are you to make statements regarding a man’s livelihood after he leaves his employ? Tom has a right to his retirement and the payoff of unused sick and vacation. You’re lucky borough that you are not required to give severance packages along with your layoffs. I'm sure the Mac will get a hefty retirement when he leaves the state. There are a few of the councilpersons who have a great retirement pension. What makes you better than anyone else? Just cause you opted out of the health care and piggybacked your spouses doesn't mean you should anonymously write slanderous comments.”


“Courogen, or should I call you Middie?”


“Is there any way the Press And Journal could print the fire and ambulance calls? I like seeing them.”


“By my estimates the Middletown Library has yet to hit its target of raising $4,800 a week in order to meet the operating budget of $250,000 a year. Won't be long now. Better to start thinking what could go in that building because the library won't have the cash to keep running. Not to worry though - according to one member of the town's zoning hearing board the programs there are ‘stupid.’ His words, not mine!”


“Time for a hot dog festival in Middletown! I KNOW that would be popular with the Penn State kids.”


“Have you ever taken notice all the cities are bankrupt are run by democrats. Here’s your sign.”


“OK Middletown, who has the best breakfast in town? I have my favorite but would like to hear yours.”


“Is it possible for area pastors to send their sermons to the Press And Journal so it could be printed in the paper? I'd like to read what other religious leaders in our area have to say. I think they would be inspirational. Let's face it, this town could use some help from the Bible and its wonderful lessons.”


“I remember when Market St. in Middletown's First Ward had a real market. That's why it's a wide street. Any reason our forward thinking, progressive borough council hasn't given thought to that? Seems THAT would have a lot more benefit to the town than a museum with old, broken down fire trucks. Oh right, there already is a museum for that, it's called borough council and you can see the old decrepit officials in action.”


“As a show of unity and community spirit I suggest the borough sponsor a candidates' night. Invite all candidates, those already in office and those running. Let the people hear from them. Here’s an opportunity for the borough to show the community it is really interested in healing this broken, bloody town.”


“Coaches do put up with a lot of crap, especially from parents! However, there are some coaches who are horrible and all they want to do is keep collecting the extra few thousand dollars while doing a crappy job.”

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