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Sound Off--01/30/13

Posted 1/29/13

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“McNamara and Morgan throw the term “structural deficit” …

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Sound Off--01/30/13


 “Hi, I'm from Middletown.  We are in such a billion-dollar defecit..."

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“Can anyone tell me why Ernest Wholaver is still alive..."

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“Churches are good places to gather and socialize..."

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 “Start crowding churches, stop crowding bars and prisons . . . ”

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“As you know, it don’t seem true, but Christ is coming . . . ”

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“Middletown: Land of Over-reactions and Hysteria. Breathe, and maybe it can be turned around.”

“I believe most people in Middletown would like to know from anyone running for Borough Council this year to answer this question with a simple yes or no: If elected I will vote to have Christopher McNamara, Borough Council president, removed as council president. I will also vote to have Chris Courogen, borough secretary, and Tim Konek, borough manager, fired from their jobs. I do vote every year and I will vote for anyone running for Borough Council this year that says ‘Yes.’ I’m sure if you admit saying yes you’ll be voted in. Please run this in the paper. So far you’ve never printed any of my letters.”

“Just want to say that your new web site is a little busier than your older site, but it’s not bad. Remember, it’s the message, not the medium. Bells and whistles last.”

“I think it’s a shame the way these council members disrespect not only the citizens of Middletown, but the mayor as well.”

“What is wrong with these people on council? To hire a police chief without even consulting the man in charge of the police department? Mr. Mayor, put your foot down. These corrupt thugs have got to go.”

“Almost a quarter of a million dollars in attorney fees for a 10-month period. I am not surprised coming from these clowns, but I am totally disgusted with the careless way they are micromanaging this town. This is not a town that is broke. These are a bunch of bozos hiding the facts from everyone to try and do some devious things. I hope you all get what’s coming to you. The omission of facts is the same as a lie. What kind of people are you?”

“So the borough secretary needs an assistant? More management and not enough people who actually work. This town gets more and more ridiculous. Things ran smooth last year. Not anymore. What’s the common denominator? This body of whack-jobs and their followers.” (Editor’s note: The assistant is to be an unpaid position, filled by council members.)

“Bring back Carol and Lori. It’s obvious that one person can’t do everything in the billing department. No wonder everything is all messed up. I couldn’t believe the fiasco that the girls told me when I paid my bill. You’re all nuts up there in that building.”

“Call back our workers. I want my tax dollars putting a person to work who provides a service. I don’t want my tax dollars going to McNamara to spend at his own discretion. He just gives it away to the lawyers.”

“Register to vote, Middletowners. Get this council out of office.”

“On top of the $240,000 dollars spent on the lawyers up until October, what is the Pappas trial setting you back? You’re all a waste of taxpayer dollars.”

 “Just another example of sneaky back door deals. Hiring a chief of police without the mayor’s knowledge. If this future chief is smart, he would run for the hills. He may not know he is selling his soul to be affiliated with this group of crooks.”

“Press And Journal, you are doing an excellent job reporting on the people running this town. Unfortunately, they are running this town in the ground. I am very thankful that there is at least one watchdog in town who is not afraid to tell the truth.”

“What a joke. This council is as racist as they come. They had to produce a black employee for the Woody Waste audit, and then they laid him off. I wonder if DEP knows that?”

“When there is secrecy within our local government, there is wrong-doing. It’s just a matter of time ‘til you have to answer for your actions. You council followers, ignorance is no excuse.”

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