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Sound Off-01/09

Posted 1/8/13

Submissions to Sound Off appear as written.  The Press and Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



“If we have a Zero Tolerance Policy for our students, why don't we have one for the staff? I find it …

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Sound Off-01/09




“Hi. It is the second of January and my utility bill is due on fourth . . . ” (Listen online at

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“If we have a Zero Tolerance Policy for our students, why don't we have one for the staff? I find it appalling that the MAHS principal was way over the legal limit, and he gets to keep his job, but if he catches a student with a thimble full of alcohol, the student is suspended for the year. And now we expect these students to respect this man, and this institution?”

 “I wanted to say thank you to the kind man that helped our uncle/brother on Ann Street after he fell and was yelling for help and no one heard him. Thank God for his kindness to help or it could have been a real tragedy. We don't know your name but wanted to thank you so much for your kindness. It's a blessing to know there are still kind people in this town willing to help someone in need.”


“Can someone please tell me why you still hear either Lori or Carol's voice when they have NOTHING to do with the borough bill? You can NEVER get a hold of anyone, and quite frankly it’s annoying! Does the Borough Council know when they are going to staff this? I do believe the community would like to speak to a live person and NOT leave a message. That is, if a message can be left and not directed to another number that – oh, guess what? – cannot be transferred to! Kudos to whoever thought this was a GREAT idea! NOT! Carol and Lori, you are missed! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas!”


“I can't believe Middletown did not have a New Year’s Eve celebration! I thought for sure that McNamara would have one so he could drop a self-portrait of himself at midnight.”


“Love the used furniture/variety shop on the corner of Emaus and Union streets!”


“You live on Pine Street, you park on Pine Street. You ever park in front of someone else’s house you will get a ticket or you will have your car towed or you will get a fine. From now on, you park where you live, if you don’t listen we will call the cops.”


“So sad to hear about Demp's burning down. First the Mansion House, and now Demp’s.”


“How can you grade the highway department? There are only four left, and one isn't even working there yet. You’re spot on with the rest of your grades.”


“Two things. One: To the lady who posted on the borough’s Facebook page. You are wrong, although there was insurance money for the lost Christmas decorations. But that insurance money was spent last year to replace those lost decorations. The borough did not save that insurance money for this year. It was already spent. Everything spent this year on decorations was extra. Two: Where the heck is the management, administration and the finance people? The borough building has been closed with nothing except a notice of bad weather. I'm sorry, but the bad weather has been gone and they are still closed. Now that is a waste of taxpayers’ dollars. Who is running this circus and who is responsible for this?”

(Editor’s note: Middletown Borough Hall was closed from Wednesday, Jan. 2 through Friday, Jan. 4 after a faulty generator used during a power outage on Christmas Eve filled the building with high levels of carbon monoxide, authorities said.)


“I would like to comment about how nice the Middletown street Christmas decorations look, but I am seeing something developing that disturbs me. As with everything else in town, it appears these are not being maintained as they once were. This year there were two that I know of (west side of the square and directly in front of the community building) that came down during the past week and they were not repaired and replaced, along with the one in front of 7-Eleven that came down last year that wasn’t replaced. Other years, if a pole got hit (as on Union Street a year or two ago or Vine Street several years ago), they were repaired and replaced during the Christmas season. Now it appears that once they come down they are done. These decorations were paid for by donations from Middletown businesses, organizations and private citizens with the expectation that they would be used during the Christmas season. They were usually turned on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but this year was a week later. If this is a tradition this council is trying to eliminate they need to consider how important it is during the holidays. Please do maintenance on the wires these lights hang on so they stay up during the holidays as the businesses and the citizens that paid for them expected to be done. I would like to donate to help replace all the missing ones if I knew council wouldn’t use the money for their own pet projects.”