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Readers' Views: Points in defense of creation

Posted 4/9/13


I would like to thank Mr. Herbert Moore for taking the time to comment on Mr. Andy Burger’s letter to the editor. It is a shame that he took up so much of his space with insults, especially since the substantive part of his letter …

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Readers' Views: Points in defense of creation


First, he claimed that dinosaurs became extinct 65,000 years ago, when evolutionists hold as a dogma that dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago.  Then he accused special creationists of holding that God created every breed of every species of animal on the sixth day of creation. In reality, of course, God created different kinds of animals on days five and six of creation week, not every species and breed.

Granted, the wolf kind of animal that was created on Day Six of creation week is the ancestor of all of the breeds of dogs in the world today, but that is an example of devolution, not evolution.

Moreover, as G. Edward Carpenter pointed out in his recent letter to the editor, the book of Job mentions two animals that fit the description of dinosaurs: leviathan, a plesiosaur-like creature, and behemoth, a sauropod-like creature. Indeed, there is overwhelming evidence that dinosaurs and human beings have lived together until very recent times, as demonstrated by realistic drawings, descriptions and carvings of dinosaurs by ancient peoples, the recent discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones and the successful C-14 dating of dinosaur bones, as reported at an international geophysical conference in Singapore in August.

Moore crowns his masterpiece of invective and misinformation by claiming that Burger does not speak for “the vast majority of people of faith” in rejecting the evolutionary hypothesis. Well, let’s look at the evidence.

In June, the Gallup organization reported that their latest survey found that 46 percent of Americans “believe in the creationist view that God created humans in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years . . . About a third of Americans believe that humans evolved, but with God’s guidance; 15 percent say humans evolved, but that God had no part in the process.” Among those who attend church weekly, however, 67 percent hold the creationist view; and only 25 percent are theistic evolutionists, with 3 percent (no doubt the unbelieving spouses of believers!) espousing atheistic evolution.

Thus, the facts show that the vast majority of “people of faith” in this country hold fast to the traditional doctrine of creation and reject evolutionary pseudoscience.

                               Hugh Owen
                               Mount Jackson, Va.
(The writer is director of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, Mount Jackson, Va.)