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Readers' Views: Mr. Ryan, you are no op-ed columnist

Posted 9/12/12

Editor, Frank Ryan, you are no Op-Ed writer. Most glaringly, you have a huge problem with quantum leaps of logic. In your op-ed article, titled “You, Mr. President, are no John Fitzgerald Kennedy” (Aug. 15), you make outlandish pronouncements …

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Readers' Views: Mr. Ryan, you are no op-ed columnist


For example, you say, “. . . but this is not the fix that Teddy’s brother Jack (Kennedy) would have considered as anything by tyranny.”  (We’ll consider the “by” instead of “but” as a typo.)  Yet, you never demonstrate how “this” (I believe you’re referring to the Affordable Care Act) is an act of tyranny.

Later on, you say, “Obama. . . continuously tramples on the rights of the free in the name of leveling the playing field. You do not protect one citizen if you do not protect them all.” Excuse me, Mr. Ryan, but this is a non-sequitur. Your second sentence does not explain or elaborate upon the first. Please, do tell us how and in what way Obama is trampling the rights of the free – or are you referring to “leveling the playing field?”  In either case, your second sentence does not elucidate the first.  

Your little history lessons seem so clever.  What you do is pull snippets from documents, such as the Declaration of Independence (a previous article) and JFK’s inauguration speech and then try to turn those quotes to your advantage. The problem is that you don’t really understand how America works.

When Congress passes a law, the president signs it and the Supreme Court upholds it. That’s called “democracy,’’ not “tyranny.’’  Or is your definition of tyranny only those things with which you disagree?

Then you state what I believe is your major point: “The individual mandate to buy insurance, be it a tax or a commerce clause requirement, is still a loss of freedom.” Is it?  

Let’s talk about those who CAN afford to buy health insurance but choose not to (not those who cannot afford insurance at all).  These folks – those who can but choose not to – are those who you believe have lost their freedom. So, Mr. Ryan, what do we do as a society when those – the ones who can but don’t buy insurance – become really sick? Do we let them die in the gutter? Since you have not said we should, we must conclude that you would have a modicum of compassion and find medical assistance for these people. Now who pays for this care, Mr. Ryan?  I’ll tell you who – you (assuming you have health insurance) and I do, that’s who!

A solution for these rising health care costs grew out of conservative think tanks and was adopted by the Republican candidate for president when he was governor of Massachusetts.  The Affordable Care Act, which is modeled on the Massachusetts model, requires these freeloaders to make a choice: Buy your own insurance or be taxed. You conveniently never explain any of this.  

No, the government is not saying it knows “more about how to run your life than you know how to run your own.” You, Mr. Ryan, still don’t get it. You’re confusing freedom with responsibility. You’re free to take care of yourself. You’re free to take responsibility and buy your own health insurance – any plan you wish. You are not free, Mr. Ryan, to be a leech.

Sorry, Mr. Ryan, you are not much of an Op-Ed writer.

                           Richard I. Ammon Jr.