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Reader's Views: Here's why I'm thankful

Posted 11/21/12

Editor,   A lot of my friends on Facebook have been talking about what they are most thankful for with the season of Thanksgiving upon us.

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Reader's Views: Here's why I'm thankful



It has really gotten me thinking lately about what I am most thankful for. I think that is a forgotten art these days.


Take a moment to REALLY think about it. What are you most thankful for? I mean, really THANKFUL for?

Most of us would probably say things like family, health, a job, a warm home, food on the table, etc. Those are all excellent things to be thankful for – and we should, indeed, be thankful for all of those things.

I think Hurricane Sandy has really gotten me thinking about those things, and many more. Imagine being in the shoes of all of those unfortunate folks terribly affected by the hurricane and the Nor’easter that followed.

We often complain about the borough council, the electric rates, taxes, the presidential race, and so it goes. That all pales in comparison to what those people are going through. It could have just as easily been us.

The human condition is a very fragile thing, and society breaks down so very easily. Seeing pictures on the Internet and in the newspaper of angry people waiting in long lines at gas stations and people crying for all that they have lost in terms of personal possessions just breaks my heart.

In the midst of it all, there are still people looting and trying to get away with things in the middle of all the chaos.


Why does that happen? We are supposed to be an advanced species. Why do people still feel they can benefit from another’s loss?  These are things I ponder when I am counting my blessings.

I doubt I will ever really find the answer to all of those questions that I have. The only thing that really helps is reading about the good people, the ones who come to the aid of the many, sometimes sacrificing their lives to do it – the police, the soldiers, the Red Cross, the clergy, the “Average Joes” who rent box trucks to take supplies wherever people may need them. Add those folks to your list of what you are thankful for.

Let’s hope that the “good” always outweighs the “bad” in this world so that we can continue to count our blessings one by one by one!
                                       Julie Starliper