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Reader's Views: ...but I can't dance to it

Posted 11/13/12



As Sonny and Cher sang, “The Beat Goes On,” and so goes the Middletown saga – or soap opera, depending on how one views it.

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Reader's Views: ...but I can't dance to it


The Press And Journal story, “A new Middletown?’’ in the Oct. 24 edition is interesting – the town is in debt up to its eyeballs, yet has $15,000 to spend on a consultant who visions are virtually the same as the ones Stefan Klosowski, former executive director of GMEDC, already proposed. Does that indicate that since money was spent for a consultant, the consultant’s ideas are more valid?

I was always told that a consultant is a man who knows 101 ways to make love, but doesn’t know any women.

Also, since you are able to get so much information from the borough, could your publication check two rumors that I’ve heard:

•  To raise additional revenue, Borough Council just purchased tiny new meters invented by the Japanese that attach to our noses and have to be read monthly by the newly created Middletown Air Department so they can tax the air we breathe.

• The new construction at the borough building is the new ornithology wing dedicated to the wren, the little bird with a small brain and big mouth.

Of course, these rumors could just be jack!
                                          Ed O’Connor