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Readers' views: A poem in defense of Middletown's library

Posted 10/2/12

Editor,My name is Miss Kasey and I speak for the kids,I speak for the kids and the lives that they live.

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Readers' views: A poem in defense of Middletown's library


I speak for a place where they’ve gone to read books,
Lots of children from this town read books if you look.
Lots of children and their parents – but not just them, you see
It’s lots of people in this town, lots of people, including me.
Reading and music, fun had by all – can’t you see
You’re taking away something special to me?
To me and these children who will teach us one day
One day when all you are left is old and gray.
You want to cut funding to a place filled with grace
With love and respect, this place and its space.
Where will our children go, all of us want to ask
Where will they read and explore, I do ask?
Do you not understand what the library has done for all of us?
Have you forgotten? Let me tell you, I must.
Remember when the rain came and rained all day?
The waters came up and whooshed all our stuff away.
Our neighbors lost their things, their houses, their lives
They lost memories those walls held inside.
But you know who reached out to the kids without homes?
The ones who lost everything and were left just to roam?
The library did – they came to bring joy
Joy to the families, every girl and every boy.
They provided the children a Christmas with toys
With toys, clothes and books. It filled their heart with joy.  
The love and the kindness that they have spread was something just grand
Something that is special to them, so here I will stand.
Stand up for this place that doesn’t seem to have a voice
I’m standing because I have no other choice.
It is my duty and with honor I’ll stand here with pride
I have all the kids and our community on my side.
Just sit back and ask yourself just one time
You are taking away a place that will shine.
So when this once pride-filled town is left in the dust
Just remember this phrase – I tell you, you must.
UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
So before you sit here today and override such a stand
Think of Middletown’s children and every woman and every man.

                                            Kasey Sharp
(The writer is director of Discovery Kids Childcare Center, Emaus St.)