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Publisher's Voice: They think we're idiots

Posted 9/25/12

It seems like every day the news is filled with politicians getting caught saying and doing stupid things, things that make us ask ourselves, “What were they thinking?’’It happened again on Thursday, Sept. 20 in downtown Middletown – a …

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Publisher's Voice: They think we're idiots


As you probably know, more than 100 concerned citizens attended a public meeting at the Klocko Building on South Union Street to voice concerns about recent Borough Council actions, including the defunding of the Middletown Public Library. It also brought out Council President Christopher McNamara, Borough Manager Tim Konek and Councilor Robert Louer – though, as it turns out, they stood a bit farther down the street.

Sadly, our town’s officials were not gathered downtown to participate in the meeting. Nope. They skipped it.

Instead, they charged themselves with the critical task of – and I’m not making this up – smartening up the railroad sign a half block away from the gathering. That’s right, at 7 p.m. Three borough officials. One sign in dire, dire need of a facelift.

So they couldn’t meet with those angry constituents that night because of an urgent sign refurbishing project. Not because, as Chris Courogen, borough secretary and director of communications, told Fox 43, they had spent the day meeting with leaders from other cities across the state to get information about how to deal with the town’s deficit.

OK, so amid this buffoonery, there came a moment of crystal-clear clarity: McNamara believes we’re idiots.
Stupid as stumps.

And I’m not just talking about his view of his constituents: I recall an earlier conversation with Mr. McNamara where he characterized council as lacking the intelligence to fully grasp the big picture.

Which leads me back to wonder why politicians do such stupid things. Often, it’s because they believe the rules don’t apply to them. The sad truth: More often, they believe voters are too dumb to notice.

It’s a terrible way to behave. A completely disgraceful way to conduct our town’s business.

We can only now wait for the next salvo in the war of stupidity.