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Need to stock your supply of Girl Scout cookies? You can do it online during coronavirus crisis


This is still Girl Scout cookie time, and the Girl Scouts want you to know you can still get these delicious goodies, despite the social distancing and other restrictions we are all under due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of sitting at tables in front of public places such as stores, churches and the like, area Girl Scouts are selling their cookies through what is known as the “Digital Online Cookie” platform.  Digital Online Cookie has been available for girls to use for more than two years.

Cookies can be shipped to the customer for a fee or they can wait until it’s safe for the girls to deliver them in person.

The traditional way of doing things has been suspended through at least April 6 because of the coronavirus. However, sale of the Girl Scout cookies is proceeding and has been extended through May 31.

If you know a Girl Scout in the Middletown area, you can reach out to that Girl Scout directly. The Girl Scout can then send you a web link that will allow you to access her Digital Online Cookie page.

Each girl can customize her own page to share what her goals are and how she and her troop intend to use their proceeds from the sale of the cookies, said Amy J. Mountain, spokeswoman for Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania.

If you don’t know a Girl Scout, you can email Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania at, or use the live chat function at to be matched with a local troop and connect with a local Girl Scout who will send her Digital Online Cookie link directly to the customer.

If customers need cookies fast, they can select direct shipping for a fee. You can also select an option to donate the cookies you buy to military personnel and their families through Soldier’s Angels. Donations do not require shipping fees.

You can also request in-person delivery of your cookies from the Girl Scout. However, Girl Scouts cannot deliver cookies in person until travel and social distancing restrictions have been lifted, Mountain said.