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Lower Swatara Township employee tests negative for coronavirus; staff keeping building clean


The Lower Swatara Township public works employee who was suspected to have COVID-19 has tested negative, township manager Betsy McBride told the Press & Journal on Friday morning. 

She had told the board of commissioners during their meeting Wednesday that there was a public works employee who may have the coronavirus and was being tested. 

McBride said the township building is still closed to the public, but people are occasionally coming into the building. Staff is spraying with Lysol, wiping down surfaces and “constantly” washing their hands.

“But everybody who works in the building on a normal basis seems to be maintaining their health, and hopefully that will continue,” McBride said.

When the Press & Journal asked for more information about the employee's symptoms, whether they were isolated and steps the township took after discovering they may have COVID-19, McBride said that federal and state law prohibits Lower Swatara from disclosing health information about any employee. 

While township staff have to occasionally interact with the public, McBride said Lower Swatara was doing “everything it can” to protect and appropriately space staff from the public and each other.

"It is important for township residents to both understand and appreciate the hard work and the sacrifice of the township’s uniform, non-uniform and administrative staff who have all worked together to continue the provision of public service to the community during this crisis,” McBride said.