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Lower Swatara Township employee might have coronavirus, has been tested


Editor's note: This story has been updated. Click here.

Someone on the Lower Swatara Township public works staff might have COVID-19, township manager Betsy McBride announced during Wednesday’s board of commissioners meeting.

“And so far, I don’t know if we have one report. Someone who may have the virus who works in our public works department or not. We’re waiting on the test for that to come back,” she said.

The coronavirus test results might come in as early as today, she said.

McBride said the township building is still closed to the public, but people are occasionally coming into the building. Staff is spraying with Lysol, wiping down surfaces and “constantly” washing their hands.

“But everybody who works in the building on a normal basis seems to be maintaining their health, and hopefully that will continue,” McBride said.

McBride said by email Thursday: "Federal and state law prohibit the township from disclosing health information about any employee.  The township can say that it has no confirmed test regarding any township employee.  While township employees provide critical public services that occasionally require interaction with the public, the township is doing everything it can to protect employees and appropriately space them from the public and each other when possible.  The township endeavors to apply all applicable CDC guidelines regarding cleaning of work areas.  It is important for township residents to both understand and appreciate the hard work and the sacrifice of the township’s uniform, non-uniform and administrative staff who have all worked together to continue the provision of public service to the community during this crisis."