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From the Vault: News from the Saturday, May 25, 1901 edition of the Middletown Journal

Posted 5/24/17

Bridge building: Steelton company erects highest viaduct in the world

The highest steel viaduct in the world has just been completed in Upper Burmah. It spans the gaping gorge in the Shan Hills …

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From the Vault: News from the Saturday, May 25, 1901 edition of the Middletown Journal


Bridge building: Steelton company erects highest viaduct in the world

The highest steel viaduct in the world has just been completed in Upper Burmah. It spans the gaping gorge in the Shan Hills called the Goktelt gorge 80 miles from Mandalay, and is part of an extension of the Burmah railways which will open a direct route from Rangoon to China, and it was built for the British government by the Pennsylvania steel company, of Steelton, Pa.

The parts and the erection outfit — this latter alone weighed 250 tons — were constructed at Steelton. The cars which took them to the seaboard would have made one train a mile and a half long. Three ships took them to Rangoon.

It is 2,260 feet long and 320 feet high where the gorge is deepest — only 80 feet less than St. Paul’s! It is made of 120-foot steel girders, resting on lattice work steel towers. It suggests a gigantic trestle bridge. It is built for a double set of rails, but only one set has been laid.

Will remove a siding; Decision rendered by Philadelphia & Reading Railway official; Brown street residents pleased; Council took the matter in hand and Burgess Swartz pushed it through

F.S. Stevens. esq., superintendent of the Lebanon Valley division of the Philadelphia and Reading Railway, was in town Friday and consulted with Messrs. Martin, Atkinson and Seiders, the highway committee, and Burgess Swartz, relative to the siding on Brown street, at the intersection of Pine, against which so much complaint has been made. The Reading Company owns sufficient land here for the placing of at least a half dozen sidings without using a street for the unloading and storage of cars and Superintendent Stevens won the goodwill of the Brown street residents by promising to either move the siding to private ground adjoining or take it up and place it on ground owned by the company. The Brown Street property owners feel greatly indebted to the Borough Council and Burgess Swartz for their prompt response to the appeal.


On Sunday morning, May 26th, the G. A. R. will attend services in a body at the Lutheran church.

The Brownstone Store Co’s store will be closed on Memorial Day.

Hummelstown is promised a trolley line from Harrisburg and it is thought the road will be completed this summer.

W. E. Umberger, of Piketown, has accepted a clerkship in the office of the Hummelstown Brownstone Co., at Waltonville.

Wm. P. Zieg has resigned his position as master machinist at the brownstone quarries and left for his home at Steelton.

A long distanced telephone was placed was the Brownstone Stone Co.’s store on last Friday, and the place made an exchange.

Frank W. Farver has secured the position of brakeman and fireman on a fast freight running between Harrisburg and Hagerstown.

Jennie Brehm, left for Remona, Kansas, on Tuesday afternoon, where she expects to spend the summer with her brother.

Mr. Jacob Kinley has a parlor stand of his own make, the top of which is two feet square, which contains 284 pieces of different kinds of wood and of different shapes and sizes. It is a beautiful piece of work.

Robbers Wednesday broke one of F. P. Blessings large show windows, and stole about $50 worth of clothes, bats and shoes.

BIG PROJECT SUCCEEDS: York Haven electric scheme now an assured fact

Work on the construction of the long-talked of electric power plant at York Haven, will, it is announced, begin on June 1st. Judge W. F. Bay Stewart who has had the matter of financiering the scheme in charge, has announced that bonds sufficient to carry the work have been sold to a prominent Philadelphia banking house. The first payment on the bonds will be made June 1 and that will be the signal for the beginning of operations on an extensive scale.

Engineers who have investigated the problem carefully declare that from 25,000 to 40,000 horse power can be generated from the water pressure which is now going to waste at the fans. When the power house at York Haven is constructed and the turbines put into motion to run the generating dynamos, lines will be run, first to York, then Harrisburg and Lancaster, which will furnish power for street cars as well as manufacturing establishments.

Boy killed at Steelton

John Kurtenbaugh, aged nine years, was found along the tracks of the Pennsylvania railroad, at the Steelton freight station, Friday afternoon about 3 o’clock. He had been run over by a train of cars and was nearly cut in half. He was still living and was taken to his home on Christian street, Steelton. He died there a few minutes later without being able to tell how he had been hurt. As no one saw the accident, there is no one to tell how it happened.

Middletown Markets

The following were the prices paid on Wednesday’s market.

Apple butter, per quart 16 cents.

Beets, per bunch 5 cents.

Butter, per pound 25 cents.

Cabbage, per head 3@5 cents.

Corn meal, per quart 4 cents

Eggs, per dozen 14 cents

Lard, per pound 10 cents

Potatoes, per half peck 10 cents

Onions, per half peck 10@12 cents

Potatoes, per bushel 70 cents.

Radishes, per bunch 3@5 cents

Sweet potatoes, 1/2 peck, 10 cents

Turnips, half peck, 10 cents.

The following are prices paid for: grain wheat, 72, corn, 50; oats, 32, and rye, 45 cents per bushel. Bran sells per ton at $19; shorts, middlings, 20; Iowa oats feed, $17, flour per barrel, $4.

Hot buys

• The Union Clothing Company, the Spot Cash Low Price Clothing Kings, have opened in the store formerly occupied by Baxtresser Bros., Middletown, Pa. The greatest clothing sensation of the age. Men’s elegant fancy worsted and mixed cassimere pants, guaranteed value $4.00, opening sale price $1.98.

• John R. Gore Poultry Supply House, Royalton, Pa. Star incubators, brooders, $5 champion brooder, lice killers, vermin destroyers, Summers worm powder, greatest worm remedy known.

• How’s this? We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall’s Catarrh Cure. F.J. Cheney and Co., proprietors, Toledo, Ohio. Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by all druggists.