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From the Vault: News from the Saturday, July 7, 1934 edition of the Middletown Journal

Posted 7/3/19

Expect over 433 to enter high school

The Middletown School Board met in regular session Monday evening, in the high school building, with Messrs, J.F. Good, Maurice Stauffer, R. E. Seltzer, …

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From the Vault: News from the Saturday, July 7, 1934 edition of the Middletown Journal


Expect over 433 to enter high school

The Middletown School Board met in regular session Monday evening, in the high school building, with Messrs, J.F. Good, Maurice Stauffer, R. E. Seltzer, William Winegardner, G.W. Achenbach and J. W. Colquhoun present.

The building and grounds committee reported repairs to the grammar school building and the Wood Street building.

Additional repairs are being planned for the other school buildings.

It was moved by William Winegardner and seconded by J.W. Colquhoun that the belfry on the Wood Street building be repaired.

It was moved by William Winegardner and seconded by G. W. Achenbach that commercial arithmetic be taught in the commercial course in the high school instead of first-year algebra, but that Algebra 1 be continued in the academic and general course and for all those planning to go to college.

Due to the crowded conditions in the high school this year, it was moved by G.W. Achenbach and seconded by J.W. Colquhoun that the school day in the high school be lengthened to 4 p.m., making eight class periods instead of seven.

Miss Mary Wealand reported that she had completed the attendance for the coming school year, and the following report was submitted to the board:

6 to 8 years

1st Ward, 67 males, 76 females, 143 total

2nd Ward, 50 males, 62 females, 112 total

3rd Ward, 47 males, 46 females, 93 total

8 to 14 years

1st Ward, 144 males, 150 females, 294 total

2nd Ward, 125 males, 124 females, 249 total

3rd Ward, 77 males, 105 females, 182 total

14 to 16 years

1st Ward, 46 males, 39 females, 85 total

2nd Ward, 50 males, 43 females, 93 total

3rd Ward, 30 males, 38 females, 68 total

The superintendent reported that the school enrollment to date is as follows: Total enrollment in the grades, 1,907. In the high school, 433 students have filed enrollment blanks. This does not include the new students from the rural district.

Dr. Rife Gingrich has accepted the appointment of medical inspector for the year 1934-35.

The treasurer reported balance of June 1, $828.66; received in June, $1,195.98, making a total of $2,024.64. Paid out in June was $1,374.24; balance, $650.40.

The following bills approved by the finance committee were ordered paid:

Bell Telephone Co., rental. $7.35

Sara M. Etter, recording deed, $4.25

Harrisburg Gas Co., gas, $6.04

Clarence E. Myers, hauling, $1

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, tax on bonds, $41.80

Miller Brothers, roofing supplies, $59.44

R.P. Raymond, hardware, $15.25

A.B. Crick, lumber, $26.76

J.C. Tritch, com., 2 percent on return tax, $68.64

J.C. Tritch, com., 5 percent on 1933 taxes, $180.08

J.C. Tritch, printing and postage, $84.43

J.C. Tritch, for taxes worked out for school board, $29.40

Borough of Middletown, current, $7.65

Mrs. C.E. Bowers, affidavits, $2.50

Carl Anderson, hauling, $4.25

Middletown and Royalton Water Co., water, $37.91

Middletown Journal, stationery, $4

F.P. Stauffer, supplies, 60 cents

Rodney R. Waltermyer, map and tracings, $13.20

The total was $594.55.

Few accidents happened here on Fourth of July

Irrespective of existing borough ordinances prohibiting the sale and explosion of fireworks, in town and Royalton, it appears that there were some violations on the Fourth of July.

Each borough employs a high constable and in view of the fact that explosion of fireworks during the day and up to late in the evening could be heard, according to reports there were no arrests made.

The following accidents in this vicinity have been reported to authorities:

Ray Bailey, 11 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bailey, who resides at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tillberry, in Upper Royalton, while exploding torpedoes, on the Fourth of July, one went off and hit him in the left eye, badly burning it.

The boy was brought to town and treated by a local physician. His condition is considered serious.

Andrew Johnson, who resides at the Farmer’s Hotel, while en route to Gettysburg, on the Fourth of July, met with an accident when he stopped on the highway about 12 miles west of Harrisburg.

When Johnson stepped from the automobile, some unknown person there threw a firecracker which exploded and part of the missile struck his nose and left eye, badly burning it. He was brought to town and examined by a physician.

His condition is also reported serious.

Beard family involved in collision near Jednota

While en route homeward, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beard and children, of No. 62 Wilson St., town, met with an accident, on the state highway, between the Odd Fellows Home and Jednota, on Fourth of July evening, about 7:45 o’clock.

It is said, that while Mr. Beard was driving eastward, a car in the rear, with a California license plate, tried to pass him, and in con-trolling his car, Mr. Beard had to slow down a bit and another car following him collided with his car.

The impact was so great that Carl Beard, aged 7 years, was thrown forward and struck his head on the windshield, causing a blood tumor. Passing motorists picked up the boy and brought him to a local physician for treatment.

With Mr. and Mrs. Beard was another son, Paul Jr., and also the family dog. No one was injured, except that Mrs. Beard is suffering from shock.

The occupants of the car in the rear escaped injuries.

Beard’s car had the running board broken off, and the car, bearing the California license, had a wheel broken off, but the driver would not give his name.

Injured on state highway

Lloyd Peiffer, 20, of Royalton, employed on the state highway and while working at the Falmouth Bridge Wednesday, was struck in the face by an end of a plank. He was brought to town and treated by a physician.

Backed on child’s foot

While backing an automobile from a garage on West Wilson Street, Fourth of July, Frank Matala accidentally ran a rear wheel over the right foot of his daughter, Helen, 2. A physician was summoned and treatment was given.

Purchases a trumpet

Harold Groff, of High Street, has purchased a trumpet from the J.H. Troup Music House in Harrisburg. Groff will study under C. Eugene Erb, and will play with the Musical Kings orchestra of town.

Hot buys

• Typewriters, two models of the famous Remington, Model No. 5, $45, and Remington Jr., $33.50. On display at the Journal office.

• Fink’s Beer and Ale, Harrisburg, established 1861. Sometime to crow about! Empire Distributing Co., Walnut and River avenues, Steelton, distributor.

• 20 percent off all men’s and boy’s suits. All linen suits, $10.80. All $30 suits, July sale price of $25. Doutrichs, “Always Reliable.” Union and Emaus streets, Middletown.

• P.G. Deiner, 408 Market St., Harrisburg, pays you 5 percent in cash every six months of purchase for the price of diamonds.