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Students of the Year announced for Fink, Reid and Kunkel elementaries, as well as MAMS

Posted 6/9/20

At the end of each school year, the principals and teachers from the Middletown Area School District’s three elementary schools and from Middletown Area Middle School select one female and one …

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Students of the Year announced for Fink, Reid and Kunkel elementaries, as well as MAMS


At the end of each school year, the principals and teachers from the Middletown Area School District’s three elementary schools and from Middletown Area Middle School select one female and one male student from their highest grade level who have exhibited excellence as Outstanding Students of the Year.

Students are selected for this honor based on their academic achievements and exemplary character. The Middletown Area School Board will recognize the students at a board meeting.

Lyall J. Fink Elementary School

Domowah Kullie is the daughter of Massayan Kullie and Patricia Lawrence.

“I entered Middletown Area School District when I was in fifth grade. October 2nd was my first day of school in America. I grew up in Liberia, Africa where I attended St. Teresa Convent Catholic School. At Fink Elementary School, my two favorite subjects are math and reading because they have some challenges. I love challenges because they make me a better student. The three things I do well in school are chorus, science and math. I love to be with my friends and teachers because they help me and care about me. Education is important to my family because my mom helps pay for other children in Africa to attend good schools. I don’t participate in any activities outside of school besides church because I make sure to do my homework every day. It feels awesome to be selected for this honor because my hard work paid off! I am looking forward to going to middle school to make new friends, meet new teachers, and learn new things.”

Carter DeJesus is the son of Doug and Leah Goff and Aaron DeJesus.

“I’ve been attending Fink Elementary since fourth grade. I am originally from York. I have an older sister, older stepbrother, and older stepsister. I am the youngest in my family. My two favorite subjects are math and gym. I like math because I am good at multiplication and division. I really like gym because we get to learn about different sports. Three things I do well are playing basketball for MARA, football for MYC Raiders, and being helpful in my community. The best thing I like about school is how my teachers take time to help me grow inside and outside the classroom! I was in chorus in fourth grade but decided singing wasn’t for me. Outside of school, besides playing basketball and football, I attend church at LCBC with my family. I also love to play my PS4 with my friends, ride my bike, play with my dogs, and help my mom in her vegetable garden. When I heard I was selected for this honor, I immediately had a big smile on my face. I feel great receiving this honor because I worked hard this year! Thank you, fifth-grade teachers!”

John C. Kunkel Elementary School

Jillian Hess is the daughter of Rodney and Laura Hess.

“I’ve been going to Kunkel for six years, starting in kindergarten. My two favorite subjects are math and art. I really like numbers and solving word problems. I like art because I like being creative and getting to express myself. Some of my favorite things are drawing, painting, and I’ve started doing origami. I also really like reading, I have too many favorite books to name! I like Percy Jackson and Keeper of the Lost Cities. To be honest, I really like school! I like seeing my friends and my teachers, and I like specials, especially music and art. Over the last couple of years I’ve done chorus, drumming, and band. I did Girls on the Run for two years. I’m also in the gifted program and I do Word Masters and Continental Math League. Outside of school, I dance for Richie School of Dance doing hip-hop, tap, lyrical, ballet and competition jazz. I was surprised and excited to be chosen for this award! It’s weird this year because we’re not actually at school, but it’s still fun. Thank you to all the teachers at Kunkel!”

Daniel Orris is the son of David and Renee Orris.

“I have been a Kunkel Elementary student since entering school as a kindergartener. Currently, my fifth-grade teacher is Mrs. [Liesl] Yohn. I enjoy math and art as my favorite subjects in school. Three things I do well in school are physical education, library, and math. I especially enjoy being with my friends while in school. An extracurricular activity that I participate in at school is Second Year Band with Mrs. [Catherine] Kaslusky, where I play the trumpet. I also participate in various activities outside of school. I have participated in karate for 1.5 years and currently have my yellow belt, two stripes. I also participate in the Boy Scouts. I have been a Scout since I was 6 years old. I have enjoyed participating in the annual Pinewood Derby event as well as practicing tying knots and roasting marshmallows by the campfire. When I am not participating in karate or activities with the Boy Scouts, I enjoy playing video games. One of my favorite games to play on my Nintendo Switch system is Fortnite. I was very excited when I was informed that I received this award.”

Robert G. Reid Elementary School

Jocelyn Jules is the daughter of Rebecca Jules.

“I am so honored to be receiving the Outstanding Student of the Year award from Robert G. Reid Elementary School. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been in the Middletown Area School District since the first day of school in 2014, which was my first day of kindergarten, and the school district is great. One of my favorite subjects in school is music because I love making music and I’m good at it. My other favorite subject is math because it can come in so many different forms like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. Three things I do really well in at school are music, math and writing. My favorite thing about school is music class. I love all things that are music related. If there were any afterschool activities related to music or art, I would definitely participate in one or both of them. I take ukulele lessons every Wednesday after school and help my little cousin with her crafts. I am very proud and honored to be winning this award from my school, and so is my whole family.”

Robbie Campbell is the son of Robert and Michelle Campbell.

“I began in Middletown Area School District in third grade at Reid. My favorite subjects are math and reading. I like to read. I am really good at reading, writing, and doing math. The best thing about school is my teachers because they are nice. I have participated in Continental Math Leagues and Word Masters. I am also part of Sunrays of Love. Outside of school, I am a member of the Arrow of Light Cub Scout pack. I am proud for being selected as Reid’s Outstanding Student of the Year.”

Middletown Area Middle School

Ava Miller is the daughter of Andrew and Jessica Miller.

“I have been in the Middletown Area School District since kindergarten. Middletown has really pushed me to my full potential as a student. In school, I like to participate in choir, field hockey, musicals, and Student Council. My favorite classes in school are science and English. I like science because I think it is very interesting to learn about the world around us and beyond. I also like English because I love to read and write. Outside of school I take art lessons. My favorite type of art projects we do are sculptures. I am so overjoyed to receive this honor!”

Micah Krajsa is the son of Matthew and Staci Krajsa.

“I’ve been a student at Middletown since entering kindergarten at Kunkel Elementary. Now, finishing eighth grade, I’m honored to be selected for the MAMS Student of the Year Award. Attending middle school here has been special. We have a great class that has come together the last three years. We’ve all learned a lot and had fun. I’d like to thank all of the teachers for challenging us and always helping us along the way. My favorite subjects are math and science, but lunch is usually my favorite part of the day. Also, I’ve played basketball, soccer, and ran cross country for the middle school the last two years. Thank you to all my coaches and teammates for these great experiences. Outside of school, I play travel soccer for Hershey and was selected to play for the Eastern Pennsylvania Olympic Development Program. I spend the rest of my time hanging out with friends. It’s been strange ending the year this way, but I’m looking forward to the summer and getting started at the high school next year. I’m very happy to receive this honor and thanks again to all my teachers and coaches at Middletown.”