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Bill that would freeze pay for Legislature, governor, others due to pandemic passes House unanimously


The Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Tuesday unanimously passed legislation sponsored by Rep. Frank Ryan, R-Lebanon County, to freeze Cost of Living Adjustments for state government officials through 2021.

The vote on the legislation related to the coronavirus pandemic was 202-0.

The pay freeze would include members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, the governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, attorney general, auditor general, the heads of departments, members of boards and commissions, and the judiciary. The House Republican Caucus recently placed a freeze on hiring and froze the salaries of its employees for at least one year.

“Today we took the opportunity to demonstrate to all Pennsylvanians that we understand the pain and suffering they are experiencing because of the prolonged shutdown of the economy due to this pandemic,” Ryan said. “Our hearts go out to all and we stand committed to sharing in the sacrifices to restore financial stability to our citizens and our commonwealth as we prepare to face the very difficult challenges ahead.

“We have a long way to go to reclaim what existed only 90 days ago, and with passage of House Bill 2487, we will continue that journey to financial viability,” Ryan said.

The bill moves to the Senate for further consideration.

“Our members hear stories every single day from constituents making sacrifices to save their businesses, keep paying their mortgages and continue putting food on their tables,” said House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster County. “It’s common sense that public servants, funded by taxpayer dollars, should receive no raise this year.”