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How are you adjusting to the new school year?: LaVonne Ackerman

Posted 8/30/17

Howdy, folks! I certainly hope this week ending August will be just fine for all of you. 

Hopefully all the newly adjusted schedules are going well in your families. 

I wish all the …

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How are you adjusting to the new school year?: LaVonne Ackerman


Howdy, folks! I certainly hope this week ending August will be just fine for all of you. 

Hopefully all the newly adjusted schedules are going well in your families. 

I wish all the students, staff and faculty of our area school districts a safe and successful 2017-18 school year. 

Students, I hope you never tire of an intense curiosity of all things. Let the learning begin! 

Let me know your news to  share and have a wonderful week!


Happy birthday to Shelby Schiefer as she celebrates cake day No. 37 on Wednesday, Aug. 30. Hoping your day is full of sunshine and smiles, Shelby!

Rachel Perry of Middletown marks her cake day on Thursday, Aug. 31. A very happy 24th birthday is sent to you, Rachel. Be blessed! 

Happy 23rd birthday to Rachel Deyle of Lower Swatara on Thursday, Aug. 31. Enjoy the last days of summer with style and zest. Enjoy!

Double birthday blessings are sent to twins Presley and Lyndsay Carnes of Lower Swatara. These girls join the teener club on Thursday, Aug. 31 as they turn 13. Happy first week of school, and happy birthday! 

Bob Triplett of Lower Swatara celebrates another cake-and-ice cream day on Thursday, Aug. 31. I hope the weather is to your liking and the day is more than happy!

Herb Friedrichs of Elizabethtown marks his cake day on Thursday, Aug. 31. Best wishes for a thrilling day and a wonderful weekend. Enjoy! 

Happy birthday to Lynne Klock of Lower Swatara on Friday, Sept. 1. May good friends surround you on this very happy day!

Diane Dumond of Lower Swatara will hear the birthday song Friday, Sept. 1. Best wishes to you as you celebrate love and joy and many blessings! 

Best wishes to Amy Wimmersberger of Lower Swatara as she celebrates another birthday on Friday, Sept. 1. May all good things come to you and bless you on your special day!

Happy 24th birthday to Becca Richards on Saturday, Sept. 2. Make the most of all the best things that you have! Enjoy. 

Happy Sweet 16th beep-honk-honk day to Terrance Jefferson of Middletown on Saturday, Sept. 2. Enjoy this festive weekend and be safe!

Jack Rudick of Lower Swatara celebrates his balloon-flying day on Sunday, Sept. 3. Hoping your day is full of love and treasures!

Gabriella Colley of Lower Swatara turns 15 on Monday, Sept. 4. May your birthday/Labor Day be full of joy and celebration! 

Best wishes for a joyous birthday to Dr. Sam Selcher of Lower Swatara on Tuesday, Sept. 5. May much joy fill your week as you celebrate 67 reasons to count your blessings! 

Happy landmark birthday to Aaron Gray of Middletown. He turn 21 on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Many good wishes to you for lots of love and peace.

Devin Rohrbaugh of Middletown marks his Sweet 16 big-deal birthday on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Hoping this day is full of happiness and great joy, Devin! 


Happy 18th anniversary to Matt and Kim Deimler of Lower Swatara. Their special day is Sunday, Sept. 3. Congrats and best wishes for a wonderful day.

Ed and Peggy Lucas of Lower Swatara celebrate 43 years of wedded bliss on Sunday. They were married on Sept. 3, 1974. Congrats and best wishes to you both.

Happy 34th anniversary to Tom and Carol Harvey of Lower Swatara as they celebrate on Sunday, Sept. 3. I hope your day is bright and sunshiny! 

Rob and Paula Alcock observe wedding anniversary No. 24 on Monday, Sept. 4. Hoping your day is full of flowers, chocolates and hearts! Enjoy.

Best wishes to Joe and Betty Hile of Lower Swatara as they mark their 58th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, Sept. 5. What a wonderful celebration for you and your family! Congrats and God Bless!

Ladies brunch

All ladies are cordially invited to an “Extraordinaire” brunch buffet presented by Hershey Area Women’s Connection, affiliated with Christian Women’s Clubs of America. It will be held at Hershey Italian Lodge , Hillcrest Road, Hershey at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 13. 

The speaker will be Rosie Domes of Attica, New York. She will share how God changed an ordinary woman to a life of extraordinary faith. The feature will be Ginny McIlhenny, florist and wedding coordinator of Harrisburg. The musicians will be Donna Chambers, Margaret Shaver and Lisa Shaver. 

Call Edna at 717-652-0997 or Mary at 717-533-3497 or email by the reservation deadline of Sept. 8 to make sure you don’t miss this.

Chicken BBQ

The Lower Swatara Lions will hold their annual Bar-B-Q on Saturday, Sept. 9 at the Lions building in Shopes Gardens. Pickup time will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

The meal includes half a chicken, baked potato, applesauce, and a roll with butter. A few dinners will be available for last minute walk-ins.

Please call Nate at 717-623-7992, Abby at 717-579-7581 or Mario at 717-425-3469 for tickets. Please help support this event for the local Lions Club. 

Garden Advice

I asked friend Terry Lupia, master gardener, if there is anything I can do about the mold I am finding on some of my plants (squash mostly). She said we are seeing so much of this now due to all the rain we have been getting. 

Once we see the mildew, which thrives on heat and humidity, there is nothing we can do to get rid of it. 

To prevent more mildew, we can spray with a fungicide according to directions or use a homemade remedy. Make a solution of 1 teaspoon of baking soda per 1 quart of water. Put this in a spray bottle and spray plants thoroughly. 

If you know you have plants that are susceptible to mildew, spray them to prevent it from coming. Thank you, Terry! 

Township meetings

The September Lower Swatara Township meetings will be held at the municipal building located on Spring Garden Drive: 

Recreation Board: 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 6 

Board of Commissioners: 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 6 and Wednesday, Sept. 20

Municipal Authority: 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27 

Planning Commission: 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 28

Quote of the Week

“When rubber meets the road, truth holds.” — Jennifer Kennedy Dean, author. 

Question of the Week

What do you like to learn about the most?

“How to spell!” — Alex Yodel, 6, Lower Swatara.

“Understanding people's behaviors. What make us do what we do?” — LC Champion, Middletown.

“Lately I have been reading some Christian fiction books about the Amish.” — Jay Whye, Hershey.

“Karate. It is interesting and fun. Also, I learn how to defend myself.” — Victoria Kelly, 9, Swatara.

“Trains!” — Parker Defelice, 4, Swatara.

“Tap. I want to be a dancer.” — Averie Defelice, 8, Swatara. 

Proverb for the Week 

Then I (wisdom) was the craftsman working at his side. I was filled with delight day after day, rejoicing always in his presence, rejoicing in his whole world and delighting in mankind (8:30, 31).

Reach LaVonne Ackerman at 717-649-7366 or by email at