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   DHS TEAM, LLC,                              :

          Plaintiff                                      : CIVIL ACTION - LAW

  1. :                                                  

   RIQUITA WILSON,                            : NO. 2020-CV-00155-EJ

        Defendant                                   :

To: Riquita Wilson, Defendant


TO: Riquita Wilson, Defendant

NOTICE is hereby give that on January 7, 2020, the above named Plaintiff filed a Complaint in Ejectment as above noted against you seeking a Court Order for possession of the property at 2141 Penn Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as well as a judgment in the amount of $9,650.00 which has been granted by the Court. Plaintiff further requested a Writ of Possession be issued by the Sheriff of Dauphin County to deliver possession of the property aforementioned to Plaintiff.

YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, has ordered that service of the Writ of Possession be made upon Defendant, Riquita Wilson by an Order dated May 26, 2020, which requires that this notice be published one time in the Dauphin County Reporter and also in one newspaper of general circulation in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, for possession of the following described property:

ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of land situate in the Tenth Ward of the City of Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, with the improvements thereon erected, more particularly bounded and described as follows, to wit:

BEGINNING at a point on the eastern side line of Penn Street, which point is three hundred and thirty-three feet, more or less (333’±), north of the northern line of Maclay Street, at the northern line of property now or late of Cora E. Paull;

thence eastwardly along the line of last mentioned property and through the center of a partition wall between this and adjoining house and beyond, sixty-five feet (65’) to a four feet (4’) wide private alley;

thence northwardly along the western side line of said four feet (4’) wide private alley, sixteen feet (16’) to another eight feet (8’) wide private alley or passage way;

thence westwardly along the southern side line of said last mentioned private alley or passage way, sixty-five feet (65’) feet to Penn Street; and thence southwardly along the eastern side line of said Penn Street sixteen feet (16’) to the place of BEGINNING.

HAVING thereon erected a three story brick row house, known and numbered as 2141 Penn Street.

BEING designated as Dauphin County UPI: 10-062-033-000-0000.

                                                            Robert Radebach, Esquire

                                                            Attorney for Plaintiff

#214 0624-1T

Posted 6/24/2020