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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Tax Claim Bureau in and for the County of Dauphin under the Act of 1947, Article VI, Section 612, that the said Bureau will expose at Judicial Sale at the Hilton Harrisburg, One North Second Street, in the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at 6:00 p.m. on May 17, 2018 as previously advertised in the Upper Dauphin Sentinel on August 9, 2016, the Middletown Press and Journal on August 10, 2016, the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal on August 12, 2016 and the Dauphin County Reporter on August 12, 2016, certain properties. The properties will be sold free and clear of all taxes and municipal claims, mortgages, liens, charges and estate of whatsoever kind, except ground rents, separately taxed and 2018 taxes which will not be discharged by this sale. A list of the properties is available in the Tax Claim Bureau, 2 South Second Street, 1st Floor, Harrisburg, PA with a $4.00 charge. There will be no redemption period the day of the sale, but these taxes and costs can be paid up to the date of the sale, with a certified Check, money order, or cash.

TERMS OF SALE: Cash or check payable to the Tax Claim Bureau at the time of sale. Personal checks received and subject to the final payment at the risk of the payer.

Pre -registration for the sale will be from Wednesday, May 2, 2018 through Wednesday, May 16, 2018 from 9 a.m. through 3:30 p.m. for a fee of $10.00 at the Tax Claim Bureau, 2 South Second Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101. To register the day of the sale at the Hilton (after 3 p.m.) a $20 fee is required.

F. R. Martsolf, Esq.Steven L. Howe


Tax Claim Bureau Tax Claim Bureau

#165DC 0404-1T

Posted 4/2/2018