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Articles of Incorporation Notice

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Articles of Incorporation were filed on October 18, 2017 with the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for the purpose of obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation of a proposed business corporation to be organized under the 1988 Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The name of the corporation is The Brats Grille, Inc. The registered office is at 3867A Derry Street, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania 17111. The purpose of the corporation is: To conduct a licensed restaurant business and all other lawful business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and elsewhere for which corporations may be incorporated under the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law.

Steve C. Nicholas, Esquire

Nicholas Law Offices, P.C.

2215 Forest Hills Drive, Suite 37 Harrisburg, PA 17112-1099 (717) 540-7746

#293 1220-1T

Posted 12/18/2017