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Hello, people! And the best part of February is upon us! Happy Valentine’s Day! Yay for hearts, chocolate, flowers, pink, red, poems and love!  How is winter going for you? I heard that … more
Well, welcome February! Come in, come in ... otherwise, how else will we get to March, which enables us to reach spring? The secret is one day at a time. Has the worst of winter passed you by? … more
Hello, folks! While trying to keep warm in not-so-sunny Florida last week, I sat in front of the TV, all bundled up, and heard a curious news flash. “Watch out, be prepared for iguanas … more
Hi, everyone. How is winter going for you? In 11 days, good old Punxsutawney Phil is going to weigh in on his thoughts about how long winter is going to hang around. No matter what he sees, or … more
Hello, all! How is your 2020 going so far? I wish you a beautiful winter wonderland season. I do miss seeing the snow. I am a “four seasons” kind of girl, so being in Florida this … more
Hello, people! Are you enjoying this new year? How about the ease of saying “2020?” Hopefully, no one feels the need to say “two thousand twenty!” Just say it “twenty … more
Happy Christmas, everyone! As you read this and think about this holiday, what does it mean to you? If we take away the food, shopping, wrapping, baking, card giving (the list goes on forever), what … more
Hello folks! As we wait and watch for Christmas, I encourage you to fight the desire to make everything perfect. Perfection is an illusion, as no one is perfect. At our core, we must come to this … more
Hello, people! What a wonderful time of the year! Is this true for you? One way to avoid being frazzled and stressed out is to keep things simple and focus on things of importance. Maybe you need … more
Here we are! How did December come so quickly? I feel like 2019 took a shortcut. Somehow, it must have cheated us out of some weeks, or maybe just days! At any rate, let us throw the red and … more
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