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Posted 7/2/13

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“Chief Wheeler: Your comment that moving the police station was a good idea because …

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“Press And Journal: I don’t like that I can no longer post information on your Facebook page. I believe you can change the settings, unless that’s the way you want it to be. Please clarify.”

“I just got off the phone with Middletown Borough. What an experience. Called four different numbers and no live person – and three of them had no voicemail. I have low expectations that anyone will get back to me anyway, since the last two times no one ever called me back. One was to the police chief and the other was to the borough manager.”

“I’ve really enjoyed what the Elks Theatre has been doing with their classic movie showings. Amazing to see all these old greats on actual film. Can’t wait for ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘The Shining’ in July! Come on, everyone, support the Elks, and show you’re proud of our town’s theater.”

“Press And Journal: Your old website wasn’t great, but this one is worse. Check out Lancaster Online’s website. That’s a good website, and good reporting.”

“Well, I see I bought yet another picnic table for the destructive juvenile delinquents at the Oak Hills pavilion. How many more tables are the taxpayers going to have to buy just so these kids can destroy them? Let them sit on the ground, or make them buy their own table, and then maybe they will learn to take care of it a little better. When am I going to get one of these tables I pay for?”

“Save money, Middletown – unload Courogen! His salary is a waste of taxpayer money. Especially when he doesn’t even live in the borough.”

“Now that they have coaches hired across the board, when will practices for all high school sports for fall begin?”

“To the person who mentioned noise ordinances: You are 100 percent correct! There is a house on Hoffer Street that constantly bangs to their R&B music with the bass as high as it can go. It is just ridiculous – especially when people work during the day and want to get a good night’s sleep, not be woken up at 11:30 to bass from their cars! No wonder people move out of this town – because of disrespectful people.”

“Does Bob Givler have a platform yet? No? Thought so. He’s an empty suit and more of the same.”

“If the council is so very awful, who keeps voting them back into office? Mr. McNamara isn’t in my ward. We got rid of one of our incumbents in this primary. Why do they keep getting put back into office? Another thing: If they are putting friends in jobs that are union jobs, why isn’t your union fighting for you? I belong to a union and the company I work for can’t just fill union jobs with just anybody. If you were bumped out of your job it’s because a union brother or sister with more seniority bumped you out. So who are these friends getting these so-called jobs? As for the new police station, I was under the impression that the existing police station is in such bad condition that the borough was forced to do something and that they were using money from a grant to fix the old Behney Building to house the police department. I want to know who is lying – borough council or disgruntled former workers who lost their jobs? I do know our town has gone down hill in the last 15 years and nobody wants to take the blame. I blame all of us – we, the citizens who bitch and gripe, but don’t use our God-given right to change a thing and the politicians from the president of the U.S.A. to the dog catcher in the borough for being elected to do the job they are getting paid to do with the citizens’ money through taxes but forget to do their jobs. A little bit of power goes to their heads, and they can be bought for pennies. So if you want charge in you community, then change it. Stop letting government run your life and start running your own life. Stop taking so-called free phone and free anything you can get your hands on and get a job. I’ve got news for you: Nothing in life is free. Someone is paying for it – and as a working, productive citizen of this country, state, borough, I’m tired of paying for your lazy asses to sit around and collect welfare and free Obamas phones. If Obamacare is so wonderful why are unions and states like Massachusetts trying to opt out now? Just some food for thought.”

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