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Sound Off - 8/13/14

Posted 8/12/14





Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.






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Sound Off - 8/13/14



Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.







  “Yeah, I just wanted to say that the Middletown Public Library …” 



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“I would like to say to the mayor of Middletown …” 


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“I heard the president from hell is once again socking …”


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• “Article by Anne Einhorn is very gutsy. Much respect.”


• “Thanking Mayor Curry and Diana McGlone ‘for standing up to McNamara and the rest of council’ – really? McNamara was the one who promoted Mr. Curry in the last election. Unfortunately, Mayor Curry has turned his back on those who campaigned for him. What did McGlone do for Middletown when she was on council? McNamara inherited a mess and is trying to clean it up. It’s only a few people who complain about everything but never offer solutions! At least McNamara pushes forward to improve the borough, which is exactly what this borough needs! Keep up the good work you’re doing, McNamara!”


• “Thank you, Ann, for speaking out. I completely agree with everything you wrote. My husband has asked me to come to Borough Council meetings and I refuse. I will not sit there while council so rudely and disrespectfully gets up and leaves the room, for however long, to discuss items that should have been discussed prior to the meeting. We are their constituents. We vote them into office, and this is how they treat us. No other municipality does this. This is why Middletown is looked at as a joke. The sad thing is, most council members should be ashamed of the way Middletown is viewed, and they are not. They walk around holding their head high and behaving arrogantly. It’s very embarrassing.”


• “Travis Thickstun is the clear choice for police chief. He’ll move here, live here and become an active member of this community. The guy from Sunbury didn’t even want to answer questions and the guy from Susquehanna Twp. is just looking for a few years to ride into the sunset in his new home in Susquehanna Twp! Thickstun is the clear choice! Can you make one good decision, council?”





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