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SOUND OFF – 6/11/14

Posted 6/10/14

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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


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SOUND OFF – 6/11/14


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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



• “I can't get enough of the 50s and 60s on 91.1FM Saturday mornings! You are the only station playing good music. Thank you!

• “Finally, the decision has been made to change the grading system back to what it was next year. There have always been those certain teachers that like to keep kids off Honor Roll. Even with the change next year those certain teachers will drop grades even lower. We have seen this with a couple kids and also many other parents we have talked with. How can a lot of kids have all As and the one certain class never be above 84? Oh, it has to be the kid, right? No, it couldnt be that teacher or the way they teach. No, not that.

• “And I walk up to you and punch you for saying that to a gay person. I'll be charged with a crime but it would be worth it. Not to worry, though. You're a coward that would never say something like that to a person's face.

• “So now the borough is going to further kowtow to Penn State, and is entertaining the idea of putting a Barnes & Noble downtown for the convenience of the Penn State students? How about if the borough does something with the interests of the residents first in their tiny minds, rather than kissing the backsides of the stupid school? Is this behind the effort to push out the businesses in that building and shut down the Elks?

No more carrying book bags means its time to make a see-through, clear, no-zip-handle bag for school next year. The lockers are way too small to accommodate a book bag, coat and a sports bag. All sounds good on paper until you have to actually deal with storing things in a sliver of a locker.

• “Lower Swatara Twp.: Again, this year, residents would like to sleep in on the weekends. To mow before 9 a.m. on either weekend day should be stopped. The parks can wait another two hours to be cut.

• “The end is nearer.

I'm tired of listening to all these people and congressmen saying Obama is breaking the law. If youre not going to do anything about it, shut up.

• “Why does Middletown's three gas stations think that their gas is better than any other gas is this area? I just came down from Highspire and their gas is 19 cents cheaper than Middletown's gas. Highspire gas is $3.56; Middletown gas is $3.75. By the way, the cars at Turkey Hill and Sunoco stations in Highspire were waiting in line to get their gas, and when I reached Middletown there was not a single vehicle even at the pumps at Middletown Turkey Hill or at 7-Eleven stores. This to me is very bad for business. Along the same line, I just read in the Press And Journal that we have 4,000 students at Penn State campus Middletown, so you students, should forgo purchasing your gas in Middletown and go up the road about two miles to Highspire where you can save some money. Come on, Middletown Turkey Hill, 7-Eleven and also Giant: Get in the game. Lower your prices.’’

• “Congratulations to Middletown Area High School Class of 2014. With two exceptions, you conducted yourself with dignity at graduation. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those in the audience that hooted and hollered. The attention was to be focused on the graduates and you tainted that with your buffoonish behavior and attempts to call attention to yourself. I guess you do not have much to cheer about in your own life.


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