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Sound Off - 5/7/14

Posted 5/6/14

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"I would rather prefer that you publish this…”

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• “Officer Scott Yoder for police chief. That …

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Sound Off - 5/7/14


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"I would rather prefer that you publish this…”

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• “Officer Scott Yoder for police chief. That bald head and that tight-fitting uniform…mmm, mmm, mmm! Wonder where he works out?”


• “Those in charge feeling guilty.”


• “The parents complaining about a family member coaching their kids in high school must be new to the area. Coaches have been controlled by parents for years. Now they can cut out the middleman and junior gets to play all the time. The school board agrees with this method of coaching as well.”


• “I say let Steelton join Harrisburg City schools, Highspire join Middletown Area School District and let Lower Swatara Twp. join Lower Dauphin. This will realign the districts much better than they currently are. Now is the time to reignite the effort for Lower Swatara Twp. to join Lower Dauphin.”


• “Once again, the Press And Journal failed to report on some of the good that students from Middletown do. Friday a week ago, some of the senior boys had their “Manpagent,” a combination of “beauty contest/talent” show in which the audience could vote on the contestants by donating money in the name of their favorite participant. Over $2,500 was raised in support of the Four Diamonds Fund to battle childhood cancer. Too often, the reporting is only on the negative. Please do a better job at reporting on the positive that Middletown students do.”


• “Now we see how the U.S. judicial system really works. I always thought it was the best in the world. But when you have a guy like Eric Holder in charge and he doesn’t enforce the laws, and it seems like nothing can be done about it, I find it hard to believe that no one in this country can go after Eric Holder and hold him in contempt by not enforcing the laws. Why do we even have a Congress if one man can do what he wants? We have Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Immigration, IRS, and it goes on and on, and no one is held accountable. Where is the American people outcry, or don’t they care anymore? And a thought for the day: Are we really better then any other country who is corrupt? I never knew how crooked our Congress and government really was until now.”


• “Realize your excuses and defensive stance accomplish nothing.”


• “The manager at Harborton Place should make surprise visits at night to see how the park really is. During the day nothing happens. But at night you have people parking on the narrow roads in the park. You can hardly get through. You see people parking on the grass. We have a drug dealer who has people there all hours of the night, we have people who drive tractors through the park and you have to listen to all that tractor noise. All this is when the sun goes down. The manager has no idea what the park is really like. Well, now I’m tellin’ ya. And we have people who don’t live in the park who double park and people can’t get through. We really need a manager who lives in the park.”


• “It’s good news that the newspaper editor has resigned from the GMEDC! He had no business on that board in the first place! Maybe he will focus more on printing a more positive newspaper with less negative stories about the borough. Gordon Einhorn should also resign since his wife is on the Borough Council.”

  (Editor’s note:  Joe Sukle is the publisher of the Press And Journal. The editor of the Press And Journal, Jim Lewis, was not a member of the Greater Middletown Economic Development Corp.)


• “We need a restaurant with a big deck in lower Royalton where the creek and river meet! What a view! And great for boaters and Shelly Islanders to get a meal! Make it happen, Mayor Judy. Royalton needs a restaurant where everyone will come to eat!”


• “Definition of ‘oxymoron’: The KKK being your neighborhood watch men.”


• Awesome job done by the Sportsmen Limited members for pulling off another awesome annual (their 21st) kids’ Trout Derby at the Reservoir stream on April 26. So wonderful to see all the kids fishing and having a good old time! And all kids receive some kind of prize, thanks to donations from businesses who help. This event is free to all kids 12 and under. The Sportsmen Limited members do a lot of work at the Reservoir to keep it clean and looking great. They deserve a standing ovation for all their hard work and for their annual kids’ Trout Derby, which always is a success! THANK YOU, SPORTSMEN LIMITED OF MIDDLETOWN :)’’


• “Favoritism? Of course. Some coach because their kid won’t be picked.’’


• “It is what it is. Middletown will turn into Harrisburg with all its fiscal issues and government. Perhaps Linda Thompson will be our next police chief.’’


• “Can’t wait for Max Einhorn’s movie at the Elks on the 18th!”


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