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Sound Off - 4/30/14

Posted 4/29/14

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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


:) “My kids have been going to the events at the Middletown Public Library. …

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Sound Off - 4/30/14


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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


:) “My kids have been going to the events at the Middletown Public Library. Thanks to the folks who do that. I just want the borough people to know these events will make our town a better place. The library teaches respect and broadens the minds of young and old alike. Think about it, folks.”


:) “No better way to enjoy a spring evening then watching local kids playing their hearts out on baseball and softball fields. They do a mind and body good.”


:( “Intimidation only works so long.”


:( Why are they closing down the Elks Building for a few leaks that were already fixed when the borough building was still renting the MCSO for children’s birthday parties when their ceiling was leaking and collapsing. I saw a water leak right above Mayor Curry’s head in the council meeting room. Former Mayor Reid, they told you that you couldn’t rent the MCSO for your thank-you party. If I were you, I’d be suing them for discrimination.”


:( “Why aren’t other trashed buildings being looked into for code violations? I believe many are owned by borough officials. How can they even get a permit to build in a building that was shut down?”


:( “In Middletown, we have many assets. The movie theater is one. Our water and sewage department is another, not to mention our own electric department. Middletown’s history is rich. All these assets will be gone one day because of the incompetent persons on our council. McNamara, save our assets. No selling or leasing of our water department. Leave our movie theater alone. Hire some qualified linemen for our electric department so you don’t have to spend tons of money on outside contractors and the maintenance can be done on our system.”


:| “Are baskets containing flowers going to placed in downtown Middletown?”


:( “This town has never looked so bad in all the years that I’ve lived here. When Mr. Swartz ran the highway department, he was on top of it. When a branch blew down, someone picked it up. When the residents needed something, it was done. I look around my town now and I see nothing but a disgrace. When we had a qualified electric department and my electric went out, it was never out more than two hours. Our basic services paid for by our tax dollars are now taking a back burner.”


:( “When the Borough of Middletown leases our water department out to another company, we will see what kind of rates we get after the first year. They will only be there to make a huge profit. Council is painting a bad picture of our water department to try and get resident backing to lease it. Say ‘NO’ to leasing or selling of our assets! Once it’s gone, you will never get it back.”


:( “There are big-time lawsuits coming to Middletown. A little birdie told me.”


:( “How much time and money was spent by the borough’s staff digging up e-mails and memos from the past?”


:| “Is anything going to be done with the train cars at the M&H Railroad? Are they going to be fixed, or what? Just curious.”


:( “My family gathered before the Easter feast, and the conversation quickly turned to the woes of Middletown Borough. I quickly put a stop to this and made them talk about something else. Then I got to thinking that such matters may apply to the life of Jesus and the plight of various religious groups in history. I relented and turned the conversation into a chance for my family to see the irony in the events of Rome and the Christians, Jews and Nazis, etc. My cousin and I were both World War II history buffs, so we made the best analogies of what is happening now in Middletown to Hitler’s Reich. Hitler was charismatic and got people to follow him based upon the poor conditions in Europe after the Great War. In Middletown, the electric rates and outrageous spending brought members of the current council to power. Hitler started out by bringing in people he trusted and cast out many leaders, including wresting power from the governing body. Middletown Borough Council members were hand-picked by McNamara to run, and once in office they hired people they hand-picked for key positions. Hitler went after books, Middletown went after the library. Hitler had a propaganda minister, Middletown has one. Hitler later in the war was trying to keep the Allies at bay with armies he no longer had. Middletown is trying to provide services to citizens with a workforce that has been depleted beyond all common sense. And, finally, some of McNamara’s minions actually used the Nazi salute at a council meeting some years ago to express their displeasure with the council that McNamara and crew touted being too secretive, not responding to the public, and abrasive. Sounds familiar, like it has come full circle, huh? Some people will never get it, but are allowed to vote. These folks are the ones that I liken to the people who sent their children off to the Hitler Youth and joined in on the book burnings. In Middletown, I guess they will be the segment of sheep that will continue to vote for the clan. Middletown residents, wake up and see what your town is becoming.”


:( “Do we have the right to go into any country’s airspace and make drone strikes on people? What would happen if another country would send drones into our country and make hits on people they consider their enemy or terrorists?”


:| “I am going to attend the Middletown Borough Council meeting tonight. I plan on participating in a respectful manner and hope that everyone else does, too. It is unacceptable that citizens of our community participate in such disrespectful ways. Character defamation, personal attacks and defensive commentary do not help to make collaborative decisions about the state of our borough. There are hard decisions to be made and not everyone is going to agree, but let’s help our elected officials find some common ground for the good of the whole! If you are not satisfied with the decision-making process, please run for office during the next election cycle. Remember: Treat others how you would like to be treated.”


:( “Just because you talk with someone on the street or on social media or sit with someone at a council meeting does not mean that you hold the same opinions as this person. I am my own person and have my own thoughts and opinions. How dare you judge me or anyone else without truly knowing what our thoughts are? It is time that everyone just grows up and admits that they, too, made mistakes and said things that they should not have said and move on. If you would like to talk to me like an adult I am all for it but don’t talk down to me like I am a child when you couldn’t even take care of your own children.”


:( “Isn’t it hilarious that Council President McNamara gives a 45-minute seminar on leasing the water department, but then when the vote comes up at the council meeting he votes ‘no.’ He is the last one to vote. He knew it already passed to get an RFP – but this way, when the town is furious that they sold one of their assets, he can say he didn’t vote for it.”


:( “Leasing of our water and sewage department is bad business. The borough may say, ‘Look at the money we have, we’re not in debt,’ but yet the residents of Middletown will still be on the hook for it.”


:( “The only people who are going to pay for leasing the water and sewage department is going to be the residents of Middletown. The more money the borough gets for leasing it out, the more money the residents of Middletown are going to have to pay. Private industries are in it for one reason only, for big profit. Where is the profit coming from, our pockets? Say ‘NO’ to leasing. Call your councilman or councilwoman. Tell them to vote ‘no.’ Council President McNamara doesn’t need a brand new borough building.”


:( “The only people getting rich off of this borough are the attorneys.”


:( “Why is the public relations director, Chris Courogen, always driving all over Middletown? Is this what a PR person gets paid $50,000 for? Shouldn’t he be updating the borough website or something?”


:( “Borough Council is giving Middletown a bad name.”


:( “I read in the newspaper that the borough attorney stressed how much the borough cares about its employees. We know that isn’t true. Just read some of the Middletown newsletters from the past. I never seen such bashing of good, hard-working people.”


:( “I recently got a building permit to do some minor repairs at my house. I paid a lot of money for my permit because the borough doesn’t have its own codes enforcement officer.”


:( “Kap, you’re being lead around. Open your eyes.”


:( “These borough attorneys talk out of both sides of their mouth. First they say putting out a request for proposals is part of the exploratory process in leasing the water department. Then they’re talking about whoever gets the winning bid. Sounds like a done deal to me. They didn’t even take an actual vote as to whether they wanted to lease it or not. By the time the public is aware of what’s going on it will already be leased.”


:( “Getting rid of one of our cherished assets should be something that should be on the ballot for voters to vote on, not decided by nine people whose only motivation is to spend, spend, spend. Well, I say ‘no,’ ‘no,’ ‘no.’”


:( “There’s more management and professionals hired by the borough then there are actual people who do the work. Boy, ain’t that an oxymoron. Or maybe it’s just moronic.”


:( “We’re a small town with a gold mine in our water department and our electric department. Let’s not cut off our nose to spite our face.”


:( “Mayor, I hope you veto any sale or lease of our water and sewage system. It is not in the best interest of the residents of Middletown because we will be the ones footing the bill.”


:( “Lower Swatara Twp: Those signals on Union Street at Route 283 and at Fulling Mill Road are horrible. No sensors. Bad cycles. Long waits with no one coming the other way! Pathetic. Get on PennDOT’s butt to fix this crap!”


:| “I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since Middletown has lost two legends. Eva Lawson-Carlson and Richard “Dicky” Lawson. I will never forget that day. What a tragedy. Not only did the Lord take home two beautiful angels but society lost two tremendous people. Prayers to the Lawson family – you will forever be watched over by two beautiful guardian angels!”


:( “I don’t understand it – the government does not allow any commercials advertising alcohol or cigarettes, but yet they allow all these commercials advertising prescription drugs. Have you heard all the side affects on these drugs? They go on for minutes telling you how bad they are. BAN these prescription drug commercials.”



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