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Sound Off - 4/23/14

Posted 4/22/14


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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



“The 2014 …

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Sound Off - 4/23/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



“The 2014 Ohio CAT tax increase, the CAT…”

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“Oh please, please, please let me be the first to say…”

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“I'd like to thank the Turnpike Commission for keeping…”

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“Why is the Highspire code enforcement officer up in upper Royalton…”

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:| “Why don’t Middletown hire Mark Kessler for the new police chief?”


:| “Why did the tree go to the dentist? To get a root canal.”


:| “I wish someone would let the residents know what’s happening with Harborton Place. Are they selling it or not?”


:| “Just wondering why the Press And Journal rarely reports on the various Londonderry Twp. meetings. Seems like information worth printing.”


:( “Funny how two-faced some of the wrestling congregation is. Sure, I will join your club. Oh, OK – I won’t say anything to Coach. Really?”


:| “I may not agree with what Dawn Knull said, but I respect her for doing it, and will defend her right to do it until I die.”


:| “Thank you, Rob Louer Jr., for telling Ms. Knull what everybody else wanted to. Kudos.”


:| “On Monday, April 7, 2014, I presented the Borough Council with a petition to abolish the position of the communications director that had a 187 signatures on it. It is my opinion that they felt that this was not enough signatures. I have created an online petition and will present this to council once again. I am asking that if you feel the same way as the 187 citizens that signed the first petition, please sign. TO THOSE OF YOU THAT SIGNED THE FIRST PETITION I NEED YOU TO SIGN THIS PETITION AS WELL. I had to start over with this second petition. We need to show them that Middletown Borough residents can come together and show that we are not just going to sit idle any longer. Please paste this information and follow. If you cannot do this online please contact me directly and I will bring the petition to you personally, as I do have a paper petition as well.


  Thank you for all the backing and support. – Dawn Knull.”


:| “I agree with the person about it being hard to pull out from the stop sign onto 230 from Spring Street. You simply cannot see without pulling halfway out on the middle of the road with those cars parked there illegally. The same is true from Girard Avenue turning onto Spring Street. The curb was never repainted yellow when the sidewalk was repaired. I’m sure these aren’t the only two dangerous intersections in the borough.”


:) “Appreciated seeing the shut down at the Reid Elementary School that was on the Journal’s website. Appreciate also the school district for being forthright and punctual in notifying the town’s newspaper about that.”


:( “I am just curious as to how the new police chief applications are going to be handled. Is it going to be McNamara and his cronies picking who they want just because they are friends, or is it going to be diplomatic for a change, and review all applications and pick the best one for the department? We shall see what happens. I can only speculate it is going to be the same old process of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.”


:( “So many people say it would be a good idea to open a coffee shop in Middletown. Seriously? How would a business like that survive and thrive? Have you checked the cost of a cup of coffee? You wont be able to make a living selling coffee for a buck or two. If you think so, youre dreaming, or employed by the state or federal government where money just flows and flows and flows.


:| “Being a dad coach is OK. I am a coach for my childs Summer Slam. Now as for school, that would be fine as long as they do not have a child that is a current player on the team. This will bring resentment and unfair advantages to certain players. The athletic director should know this to be a fact. The coachs child and their circle of friends would alienate other playerschances by favoritism and biased choices. The booster committee chair holders should know this as well – that a team divided will never succeed. In closing, there is no issue for a previous parent to coach a school team and get paid as long as they do not have a child on the team.


:| “OK, Middletown Police Department, time for a new chief of police. Here is your chance to get it right. Make sure first and foremost he/she knows police work from doing actual police work (experience) – and there is a huge difference between years on the job and actual experience on the job. This is most important. Make sure they are people- and community-oriented and do very well with human interaction. Being a supervisor really does not mean anything when selecting a chief unless you have a big department where the supervisor’s duties are similar to the chief’s. Too often, supervisors are those who passed a test but not the most qualified to lead men, let alone a department. Hire somebody who loves their job and department and wants to see it be great, but also can work well with their councilmen/commissioners. College degrees and supervisor experience at the end of the day have no actual bearing on how a person will succeed and/or perform as a chief of police. Don’t be fooled by the stack of papers and resumes they hand you. Police officers and chiefs who are great are not power hungry, deal well with all people and always have the department and the community’s best interest in mind. More important than anything is their level of real police experience, and those who are well-rounded in all phases of police work, because they have a greater understanding of all aspects involved in police work. This is your chance to hire a great chief – don’t make the mistake of just throwing somebody in there out of convenience, costs or favoritism. Do it right, and you won’t regret it and fail again. Good luck!”


:| “All people of Middletown should have a say who will be the next police chief. Involve the people in this. Have interviews at public meetings. It’s not against the law to do this. Considering all of the allegations of backroom deals and underhandedness – IF it exists. One would think our council would be bending over backwards to interview and vote on a new chief in public. Do the right thing, people!”


:( “Yeah, the woman got mad at me. I asked her, ‘What did you do to your hair?’ and she replied, ‘Nothing’ – and I said. ‘That’s what I thought.’ ”


:| “Will Mr. Bear be having a Powwow this year? I hope so. We need more things for people to enjoy.”


:| “I believe Sgt. Richard Hiester should be the next police chief.”


:( And my survey of 4 out of 5 dentists says those peanut butter eggs are going to rot your teeth and give you diabetes.”


:| “Does anyone remember the concerts that used to be held at Capitol Campus - now PSU Harrisburg?” 


:( “Why can’t Pinocchio play the guitar? He’s got no strings.”


:( “Community library concept is a necessary tool in the borough; however, I just ripped up my donation check to the Middletown Public Library. I realize that the only place we find gratitude is in the dictionary. It is a nice gesture to say ‘thank you’ if you can’t offer written acknowledgement. Look up the word ‘decorum’ or ‘etiquette’ in the dictionary.”


:( “I attended a committee meeting last week and the council prez lectured everyone how past officials are the root of all evil. How’s that going to bring this town together? Change and progress start at the top. Pointing fingers and accusing others will never help. When will you ever let it go?”


:( “Knock, knock! Who’s there? Hatch. Hatch who? Bless you, and please cover your mouth next time!”


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