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Sound Off - 4/2/14

Posted 4/1/14

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“A new gas station at the intersection of 283 and Vine Street …”


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Sound Off - 4/2/14



:| “I am not understanding why our wrestling coach was taken from us. But I do find it funny how I am asked to come out to support him but only to find all the ones that do all the big talking on Facebook and e-mails don’t stand up and say a word when face-to-face. The way sports are turning around in Middletown, I do not think getting rid of our coach is a good move with a great program he built. That is why I would like to know more why this has happened. There has to be something we are not seeing. If not, they are shooting themselves in the foot.”


:| “People, you won’t know why the wrestling coach in Raiderland was told not to be coach anymore. It’s a personnel matter and that will not be divulged by the board because it opens them up to lawsuits. Really. Why can’t you understand it? And, frankly, you have no right to know why, only that it happened. I trust the school board for making a decision and they did it. Think you can do better? OK then, run for school board. That simple.”


:( “What kind of people do we have running this town? On one hand, the borough is bankrupt but council wants to saddle the residents with more debt just so someone in council can build ‘a square’ on Emaus Street. That is stupid. And what are the dozens of families who use the Laundromat supposed to do? Where is the uproar about this?”


:( “We don’t need a square on Emaus Street. Quit spending money we don’t have!”


:| “Went to school board meeting last night because I have a wrestler coming up and wanted to support the program. I left questioning who is right and who is wrong. People got up and spoke that this coach has taken kids in, was a father figure, has a lot to do with who they are today. This was no surprise – I had heard this about this coach. The kids/young men were very well-spoken, and showed respect with their comments. What set me back was most of the adults. I think some of them could have taken a lesson from their coach – saying they will not allow their child to wrestle no mater who is coach for all the great things coach has done. It starts with the home. He has helped many that did not even have a home – but I agree these kids need this coach because it looks like the example at home my be questionable for some. When times are bad, it is good to remember everyone that helped to pull you through.”


:| “I understand everyone in Middletown has a view on the wrestling situation. I am for Coach Mike staying – and having them bring him back is why I went. What was most disappointing, I feel, at the meeting is a person who got up and spoke for the same cause I am for and said about how the coach and his family helped them through a horrible time. I agree with that as well. But I was a little shocked at the disrespect he had, forgetting how much the school district did for him and his family as well. I think that was more disappointing that the whole coaching topic. I know others around me thought the same thing. Backing our coach and speaking your part is one thing; doing how you did to a district that was there for you as well … I have to say I was a bit embarrassed for him.”


:( “Middletown Area School District has destroyed its wrestling team just like it destroys everything else it touches. You’ve got an extraordinary coach that goes above and beyond for the betterment of our youth – the best record this school has ever seen – and you want to fire him? My son will never get to be under the tutelage of one of the best coaches ever. Shame on our school board.”


:) “Courage under fire - definitely something the Middletown Area School Board exhibits.”


:) “Thank you to the Lower Swatara officers who have been catching speeders in the school zone over by Kunkel. Hopefully once you stop enough people they’ll get the hint and SLOW DOWN! Thank you for your help protecting the children in school.”


:( “Don’t get rid of these borough employees – overall, most of them are good workers. You got rid of too many employees already – they cannot keep up with the workload to keep the town nice. Get rid of some management.”


:( “Don’t contract the borough employees out – give them a fair benefit package. Do not screw them over.”


:( “I think Middletown police need to sit at Hardee’s for a day and start ticketing people who turn left onto West Main Street from Nissley (where there’s clearly ‘No Left Turn’ signs) or turn onto Nissley from West Main Street (again, where there’s clearly ‘ONE WAY’ signs). It’s starting to get a little ridiculous.”


:( “Dear letter writer: I can’t believe you continue to show your face around Middletown and at wrestling events. Your ruined a great program.”


:| “What will happen in town when the road in downtown is closed for weeks? I just want to know because I take my parents to the stores to shop and eat and I don’t know what will happen.”


: “I saw on the Press And Journal’s Facebook page that people were commenting about a brew pub in town. That would be great. How about have that where Bunky’s used to be?”


:| “So many comments about the wrestling coach running that room on own time for many kids throughout the district. Yes, it was his time, but whose money? Yours? Mine? The taxpayers? Too bad we don’t have other facilities available for all sports in Middletown.”


:( “Why didn’t coach show up to hand us our awards? I was told he declined. Is this true? If so, guess it wasn’t all about us.”


:) “Keep up the great work, Dr. Suski – people often don’t have all the facts and make their opinions based on limited and one-sided information. Unfortunately, some information is not accessible to everybody. You obviously have the student’s best interests in mind, as usual, and you are a proven leader capable of making tough decisions that are the right ones. I also think putting the students’ well being above ‘sports’ is long overdue. Kudos to you for how you do your job – fearlessly, professionally and properly.”


:| “If a school gets rid of any perceived super coach or employee, you can rest assured they had solid reasons for doing so. If a coach is God’s gift to sports and people, and a winning coach, why else would a school district release them? They wouldn’t – and if they did, trust me, it was warranted. All these fanatical parents and people coming to the aid of a coach and just assuming he was the target of some wrongdoing need to take a breath and think a little harder. How well do you really know a coach, or anybody? I’d say school districts do not announce their reasons publicly out of respect for the coach and also to prevent liability. I can also imagine they’d love to tell the public everything they know to calm down all of this ridiculous backlash, but that is not going to happen, and shouldn’t happen. Like I said, it would make no sense to get rid of a winning coach without good reason to do so. Makes no sense. With that said, it is plausible to believe they have good reasons for their actions, and we should all be glad they are brave enough to make the right decision even if it’s unpopular. Some of you parents should also check your classless and scary Facebook remarks, as many of you came off like wild animals and pushed very close to breaking the law with your specific threats – and these are the supporters of the coach. All this talk about how great a coach is with the kids personally and for the sport, etc.: Do you really believe it’s all just selfless, wonderful deeds or do you think some coaches are obsessed so much with winning that they do many things that appear wonderful to ultimately meet their own personal goal of having the best team under their name, a means to their end? Much of their perceived good deeds are nothing more than ensuring ‘their’ team is the best, and is a psychological control technique. Don’t be so easily fooled – people like this are very clever. There are coaches out there who truly love and respect their athletes and would bench their star player if necessary to teach a life lesson. You can usually tell the difference simply in how a coach or person carries themself or enters a room. Do you see humility and decency in motion or do you see arrogance and narcissism in motion? I think we all know the answer to that one. Settle down – your kids will continue to wrestle for Middletown and be better off, and your threats are idle, at best. You’re not going to change anything. Who knows? Maybe you’ll love the next coach, too. But get over it –  the school district did the best thing for the students and athletes. Life moves on, and everything happens for a reason. Go Raiders!”


:) “I met Jordan Hill while he was home, and what a humble guy. I hope him and his family are rewarded for his hard work and dedication to Steelton. Seattle is lucky to have him. Excellent role model.”


:) “I wanted to thank the Middletown Area School Board for permitting people to sound off at the last meeting about the wrestling coach. You were respectful to those people. You did not talk down to the people. You did not roll your eyes. Plain and simple – you were respectful and a class act. Perhaps that could be passed along to the Gang of Five in Middletown. I hope they read the story in the Journal about the meeting.”


:( “Well, you wonder why no one wants to coach at Middletown? It will be a long time for the wrestling program to be where it is now. It will be going downhill. These decisions are only made because of some dislike they have for a coach. Nauman will be some other school’s treasure and Middletown’s declining demise. It disgusts me greatly, and I am at the point now after following Middletown for 40 years or more in sports to stop going. When is Middletown going to stop making their faces red in embarrassment for this district? No one wants to move here because of things like this and with taxes being the way they are. I blame the school board for their bad decisions. We are a laughingstock borough and school district. The circus continues.” 


:) “Middletown Area School Board: Your grade for the wrestling coach situation – A+. Thanks for doing the job you were elected to do. I trust you and I voted for most of you.”


:( “There will be no coach who will ever be as dedicated as Mike Nauman was. This is your loss, Middletown, so suck it up when you see a lot of losing teams in the future at MAHS. There are some coaches who are idolized for the wrong reasons and who are allowed to intimidate players and embarrass them in front of fans and this is allowed. You set a real example for Middletown for your poor dismissals. Good luck at finding a wrestling coach because you pay peanuts and have a bad track record of getting rid of the good coaches and leaving the bad ones to continue to coach. It is amazing how friends that I bring to the games can see what goes on real quick but how this school board is mixed with hate and internal strife. You get what you ask for, Middletown, and this is why the town looks the way it does, and why businesses will not even consider Middletown and the same for a school district. You helped to pave this way. I hope you are proud of yourselves.”


:( “I understand having an opinion, but some people in the public when everything is stacked against you … Please remember and respect everyone that has helped pull your family through those hard times. You do not have to agree with their view, but no need for disrespect.”


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