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Sound Off - 4/16/14

Posted 4/15/14

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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


:( “I attended the meeting of …

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Sound Off - 4/16/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


:( “I attended the meeting of Middletown Borough Council last week. It was one of the most embarrassing things I ever saw. Our so-called leaders had no clue as to what happened. And the borough staff there were just as clueless. Not worth the money.”


:| “Thank you, Mayor Jim Curry, for stepping up to the bully tactics by Mr. McNamara. You stood your ground. How far will McNamara go to now spread the word that you’re the bad guy and not on board for the good of Middletown?”


:| “Coach Nauman situation: Some have made me think. I was at two meetings to support Coach, but Coach was not there to support himself. Others have said there has to be more to it. I am wondering if that is why he has not showed up? Because he knows the reason for his removal and has no ground to stand on with the administration? If this is truly an unfair dismissal, would you be there as well to call them out on it? So I am really torn at this point. I feel the wool has been pulled over our eyes so we would support Coach. Because he would never let us stand alone in a fight. So something is truly unseen here, and not just talking about Coach. Very disappointed in all this.”


:| “Attention, Nauman supporters: The school district cannot release personnel information. Have your coach sign a waiver allowing them to release the information and sit back for a long list of his transgressions, then you will know he should have been discarded long ago.”


:) “I want to say that Mike Nauman is a class act in not being dragged into this controversy. I believe he has moved on, and you should, too!”


:| “So, Mr. Jim Nardo, do you now understand what a band of characters you’ve gone to bed with? You said you were frustrated? You haven’t seen the end of this.”


:| “I did an experimental survey of the peanut butter Easter eggs that are made right here in town. I took 10 random people and without telling them which was which, gave them a sample of both eggs. Nine out of the 10 people that were surveyed chose Seven Sorrows’ peanut butter Easter eggs.” 


:) “Way to go, Seven Sorrows, for your article in the Patriot-News last week for your peanut butter eggs. You guys ROCK!”


:| “I read that Sen. Folmer is against medical marijuana. Seriously, sir? Why is that a problem? I do agree with him, though, on his stance about unions and labor. Time for the union thugs to go and help our state be the powerhouse it used to be in the nation, in the world!”


:( “I’d hate to see the Elks Theatre close.”


:| “McNamara is trying to clean up the mess other people made. Give him a chance to do what is best for our borough. Attend the monthly meetings and show your support. The local paper isn’t helping when it only gives one side of the story! The taxpayers need to know how much the local paper charged the borough to advertise. The borough needs to find a reputable newspaper to advertise in. I won’t renew my subscription.”


:| “When I said Wheeler didn’t know how to be a police chief, I was right. Nobody ever knew how to get in touch with him. His salary is paid with my tax dollars. He works for us. When I said Wheeler didn’t want to be a police chief, I was right. I’m going to say it again: Bring back Sweitzer if you want someone that knows what their doing.”


:( “I really don’t understand how some people could pass their driver’s test and still not know it’s illegal to park within 30 feet from the corner of an intersection. That’s why the curb is painted yellow. However, the curb where I live hasn’t been painted in about 8 to 10 years, and the last time it was painted the paint was defective and peeled off in big strips. I don’t know if that is also the case on Main Street at the intersection with Spring, but someone keeps parking in the yellow zone on Main, and I have to keep calling the police because I can’t see to pull out from Spring. Regardless of whether or not you can see the yellow paint, you should still have enough common sense to know not to park there. It would also be really nice if a few of the members of Borough Council that aren’t fixated on grandiose plans for the town would look into the everyday things like the last time the curbs were painted, and do something to remedy this neglected situation. Oh, and how about a street sweeping schedule? We haven’t had one of those in a couple of years.”


:( “I don’t know how much longer I can put up with McNamara and his disciples.”


:| “I’m very thankful that we have Karns, and Giant isn’t the only game in town. I wish I would have kept a list over the years of all the things I used to buy at Giant that they stopped carrying – and some of them were items that were so popular it wasn’t unusual to find them sold out. Sadly, our groceries are controlled by corporations in more ways than one.”


:| “Is your view OK?”


:| “So, can anyone tell me how many Middletown cops are patrolling our streets during days and nights? I truly hope if and when a new chief is named – again – the guy or woman will actually meet the people, the same people who pay his salary and benefits.”


:| “Wasn’t the work in downtown Middletown supposed to start in April? I haven’t seen anything about plans or anything. Why is it so secret? What are you hiding, Middletown Borough? What are you afraid of? Why is it always someone else’s fault – and it’s ‘you versus …?’ ’’

  Editor’s note: Preliminary drawings of the proposed downtown revitalization by Dan Anderton, an urban planner with architectural and engineering consultant Dewberry, can be found on the firm’s website, www.dewberry.com.


:( “I find it extremely aggravating that this Borough Council is trying to lease or sell our water and sewer plant just to get rid of the union employees. Why? I like our town workers, for one. And two, our utilities are priceless. Save our assets. Say NO to the sale or lease of our water and sewage.”


:| “How many people remember that our new mayor said he would not be taking his pay for being mayor? I do, and I’m thankful. Now if only the other bozos would do the same. Perhaps the borough staff would also agree to donating part of their salaries to the town – like the library. Hmmmmmmm?”


:| “Does the Harrisburg area have an animal hospital to take care of dogs, birds, cats? And a suggestion to the Hershey Medical Center: Find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.”


:| “I wish I had seen that petition that Dawn Knull was circulating. I know of about a couple of hundred other people that would have signed it – me being one of them.”


:) “I love the fish fries in the area. The pictures the Journal has been putting in are so good – so many happy faces. Thanks.”


:| “I have nothing bad to say about Chief Wheeler. I don’t know him. However, it is interesting the wonderful comments McNamara made about him. This confirms that he was friends with Wheeler and placed him there to have control in the police department. Remember, your words reveal so much about you. Why are people never put in the right place for the right reasons?”


:| “What does Lower Swatara do with its tax money? Where does it go? I mean, seriously! Hardly back into the community. Are they hoarding it?”

Editor’s note: A copy of Lower Swatara Twp.’s 2014 budget is available on the township’s website, www.lowerswatara.org.


:| “Did you hear they hired a current player’s dad as a high school head coach?”


:( “Loud mufflers should be banned! Disrespectful drivers.”


:( “Fair isn’t fair in this district. Sad these people are so ignorant to see it.”


:| “Anyone beside me wonder why an entire building would be shut down because of a leaking roof?”


:) “Mrs. Knull: Thank you for standing up to the bullies in the borough. Don’t stand for their BS. And I got news for you people: It’s just not the elected or appointed people, it’s the staff of the borough as well – and it starts from the top and flows down from there, just like the sewers.”


:) “The story about the play at Steel-High was great. Good news. Also liked the story about that kid from Lower Dauphin and sports.”


:| “Facebook trolls abound in Middletown. Beware!”


:) “There should be a Zombie Festival in Middletown!”


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