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Sound Off - 3/26/14

Posted 3/25/14

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“Londonderry Fire Company #1 is having…”


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Sound Off - 3/26/14



:) “When asked in an interview who was the most influential person on my life the past four years of high school, without a doubt, I said Mike Nauman. Four years ago, not knowing the greatest opportunity of my life would open, I asked Mike about wrestling at his club. He told me if I worked with him, some day I could accomplish my goal of becoming a state champ. Today, I can say this was true. Mike has run practices for free for years because he does not care for money or worldly possessions. He just wants to see the best in people. Mike spent many times on the phone telling Drexel about my work ethic, which eventually led to my scholarship. He’s more than a coach. He is a father figure to me. I remember Mike buying clothes for kids who couldn’t afford them and paying for kids’ tournament fees because they didn’t have the money. Mike spent his birthday coaching me at a tournament! He is the most dedicated man I know to the sport but, unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t go both ways. What Middletown has done to Mike is a huge mistake. Knowing him, he will have many other opportunities in wrestling, but I know Middletown was something special to him. If any of you are reading this, I’d just like you to know that Mike is the best man I know. Thank you, Mike, for everything you’ve done for me. Stephen Loiseau”

:| “Mr. President, I know you read the Press And Journal. Let Russia have Crimea. The people have spoken. And the vote was an astounding win for Russia. Sadly, we lost this round. Let’s just try harder to bring democracy to the rest of the world. Just don’t offer them government-supported heath care.”


:( “I wish you would stop parking over here in front of someone’s house. You live on Pine Street, so park on Pine Street where you live. If you don’t stop it we will get the cops involved. Now knock it off and stop it, or else.”


:( “I wish these people would stop making so much noise when they are living next to someone. Why don’t they just move or go back where they come from so we can have peace and quiet?”


:( “So I called the school district main office to ask questions about my son’s lunch account, and I’m more confused now than I was when I called. The lady never really answered my questions – she just spoke in circles. She kept telling me the guidelines for a reimbursable lunch, but could not tell me what a reimbursable lunch is. Finally, I gave up.”


:) “Thanks to whomever took down the Christmas decorations in the town’s square. I appreciate it. Can you tell me where they were placed so they can be used next year? I’d like to help if it’s OK.”


:( “Let’s just name the new high school Fast Times At Ridgemont High in honor of the old administration and downfall of the athletic programs over the past half dozen years.”


:) “I read that Bobby Givler will be the new chief of police in Royalton. He’s a great guy. Too bad the people of Middletown shunned him when he wanted to be mayor. I wish the new guy luck but would’ve wanted Bobby to be there. I voted for him so I can still be proud about that.”


:( “As long as a car is legally registered, titled and parked, you have no right to harass my guests and family members just because it’s not as easy for you to back out of the driveway of a home that you don’t even reside in. If you have a problem with it, why don’t you act your age and come and knock on my door and have a polite, neighborly conversation with me about it instead of yelling at people, honking your horn and pointing? I try to be a good neighbor, but if you keep up this childish and rude behavior, you are going to see another side of me.”


:( “It’s time to replace the flags on the poles in Middletown. Winter is over. Thanks in advance for doing this.”


:( “How are we in Middletown going to be able to afford the higher water and sewer rates? This council cut electric rates, and look at the state of things here. Was that really the right thing to do? I don’t think so.”


:| “To the person who complained about Lower Swatara police leaving an abandoned vehicle along the street. I’d like to point a few things out. 1) You said the car was there since January. We have had multiple snows since January and the police cleared all the township streets including towing many cars. So I doubt that the vehicle sat there all winter without the police having it moved. 2) Just because a sticker on a plate says a certain date does not mean that the plate expires then. Some stickers are never put on, some are lost, and others are stolen. Only police have access to verify certified records from ALL states which indicate the plate’s status therefore it may be valid even if the sticker shows otherwise. 3) To be classified as “abandoned” in Pennsylvania, a vehicle has to have expired registration and inspection together. You can’t have one or the other to be considered abandoned. The only way that vehicle was not checked or moved is because it is on private property – example: trailer parks, private businesses, etc. where it is the property owner’s responsibility to report the vehicle and front the tow bill to have the vehicle removed. Please get your facts straight before you run your mouth for your neighbor. The Lower Swatara police have a good reputation within the community. I doubt they let something this minor go even though they are busy with other priorities. Go to Middletown and try to even get in touch with their department. Try to find one of their officers even out and about in the town. At least with Lower Swatara you have a department that is proactive and you can reach them at any time with a decent response time.”


:| “I’d say the borough has some dedicated employees. That’s why we didn’t go to hell in a hand basket over the winter, although your volunteers still have Christmas lights on up at the square and branches all over town. It’s obvious the town council clearly doesn’t know what it takes to run a town. There are more management staff than there are workers.” 


:( “You can call code enforcement, but it seems they pick and choose what they want to enforce. If my grass is high because my mower is broke and I’m having trouble fixing it, I get a notice in the mail, but I can drive around town and see weeds a foot high growing through cracks in the sidewalk and other areas, and nothing is done about it. And let’s not even ask how many years (decades?) it’s been since the Pink Pussycat on Wilson Street caught on fire and it’s STILL an eyesore!”


:( “Telling lies about the living is bad enough, now you want to tell lies about the dead? Karma is going to get you like a bolt of lightning!”


:| “Coach Nauman was a great coach and caring person. As much as I like Coach, there is things that do need cleaned up with the program.”


:| “They fired the wrestling coach? I have nothing to do with the wrestling program. I do know thought his guy has done a lot of good for the kids that are not-so-well off in the town. I am sure there are many factors in why this is happening, but I am sure some of it has to do with some of the things I have heard coming from the baseball building while we have been there for baseball with young kids.”


:| “As far as what this community needs to be revitalized is to have people that care about the community, people without hidden agendas, people to get involved. In addition to those, we need a stricter enforcement of the codes that are already in place; crack down on absentee landlords, slumlords; limit subsidized housing; limit converting single-family homes into multiple-family rental units; give homeowners some kind of incentive to invest in property improvements; invest in our schools; embrace PSU; and the list goes on and on. I don’t see “unity and a downtown” as the solution to the problem.”


:) “I miss the dancing Liberty sign holder man. I always looked forward to him playing air guitar as I drove by on my way home from work. He was always smiling.”


:| “I feel like the wrestling program knew this would happen by some of the comments. I also think even though no one will admit it, that they are lucky something was not done sooner.”


:( “No need for a written RX anymore –  you can get that stuff on the streets or in the clubs in Steelton.”


:( “Isn’t “libertarian think-tank” an oxymoron?”


:( “I’m going to start referring to the disgusting majority Middletown Council Members as “The Dirty 5.” How dare they waste Middletown taxpayer money with Courogen’s job! We could hire two borough employees to do various jobs for his salary, and they would actually work. The Dirty 5, you are the Stepford Wives of McNamara.”


:) “Good luck to the Seven Sorrows boys’ varsity basketball team as they travel to Philadelphia for states this weekend. This entire team has worked so hard to get where they are. Congrats, boys!!”


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