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Sound Off - 2/26/14

Posted 2/25/14


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“I hope the person who hit my car…”


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Sound Off - 2/26/14


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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.




I hope the person who hit my car…”


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:( “To the man driving a medium blue mid-sized pickup down the 200 block of N. Race Street, Friday 2/14/14 about 4:15 p.m.: I saw you stop, jump out, let down the tailgate and then pull out fast so your bed full of snow went all over the clean street by Fink Elementary school. I SAW you, and hope you get caught! You are probably the same person that throws snow in the cleared streets.”

:| “I so much applaud the guys who came out onto the snow emergency routes here in the borough. You guys did an awesome job!! I watched as they came out with a backhoe and dump trucks and removed the snow. My problem now is that I had to move my car onto the other side of the street and the plows that came through beforehand plowed me in so badly that I don't know how long it will take me to get out. The snow and ice is way above the tops of my wheels and to the middle of my car door. I can't get the door open. I'm no spring chicken, and I am on a fixed income. I have a bad back and can't shovel myself out. Meanwhile, all the new tenants on the other side of the street are parked in my space out front of my house, and I'm stuck. :-/”

:( “Since the borough has no qualified linemen in town I wonder how long it will take to get a simple streetlight fixed. If the streetlight was out on the new mayor’s street I bet it would have had fixed by now. It was reported a month ago.”

:| “OK, so Middletown police ticketed cars because where they were parked. Can we now get codes enforcement off its butt and cite people who don’t shovel their sidewalks? You can’t have it both way.”

:( “You people that are complaining about power outages must be the same people that voted for McNamara, Louer, Sullivan and Brubaker. Get used to power outages – they got rid of all the qualified linemen, and now the borough has to rely solely on contractors to do the work. It takes five years to become a fully-qualified journeyman lineman to work in the primary, and if the borough tries to circumvent that qualfication I'll be in touch with OSHA. They had a contractor lineman sitting in the borough office the day of the storm just in case the power went out. What did that cost the taxpayers?”

:( “We're back to complaining about the police department. Can we bring Sweitzer back now? We need a police officer running the police department, not a wannabe police officer, nor a friend of McNamara's. This guy doesn't have a clue how to run a police department. Just talk to him, you'll see for yourself. Why do you think they keep him out of sight? In the meantime, the taxpayers pay the price.”

:) “Driving to work early during the past two snowstorms, I have to say I was very impressed with Steelton's road clearing efforts. Routes 441 and 230 were snow-covered and treacherous, but as soon as you crossed over to Steelton, the roads were just wet. They really have it on the ball.”

:( “Every business on Union Street has to clean off their sidewalks after it snows. I think it is about time that the borough makes Bunky’s clean off their sidewalk. Someone is going to slip and fall. I guess it is not what you know, but whom you know!”

:( “A proposal to purchase the property directly across from the Brownstone Restaurant with the intent to close and tear down the three businesses by the Middletown Borough doesn't make sense to me. Instead of the borough spending over $200,000 to remove these three businesses who pay taxes and electric and real estate taxes, why not put that large sum of money to buy Bunkys' in the center of town which has been virtually abandoned for over 10 years? Purchase this property, fix it up and bring more businesses into town...not destroy the ones already here.”

:| “To the person requesting reasonable Internet service: Www.pa.net is local and affordable. No contract needed.”

:) “I just want to send a big THANK YOU out to the men and women of the public works department. You guys went for many hours with no sleep and did a FANTASTIC job on our roads. I wish more people would have common sense and at least TRY to get their vehicles out of your way. I know some of your guys were allowing people to move their cars and they would plow right up to the curb. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!”

:) “I heard another contract will be coming around for the Lower Swatara policemen. If nothing else, I hope the board takes a good look at the quality police department they have and not under-value the importance of that, not to mention the liability they prevent everyday by being professionals and good at their jobs. When you have a group of professionals like you do, it's rare people ever complain or try to sue the township. See? Having officers that are professional and good at what they do saves you money you might never realize. I read Sound Off and the citizens love their police department. It's evident in Sound Off and in the community when people discuss them. Maybe it's time to say, ‘You know that we have a solid police department who treat people with respect, go above and beyond protecting the community and are completely embraced by the community.’ That's not too common anymore. There is something special about the Lower Swatara Police Department. All you have to do is meet an officer there. I'm not saying you pay them anything they don't deserve, just get them on par with all the departments around them – and from what I hear that's all they want is to be equal and paid like every other police officer, and they certainly more than deserve it. There are departments in the area making significantly more money than them who don't even come close to the job they do and the class they do it with. I just want to see them continue on as they are and know their community and townshiploves them back. Just get them on par already! No more, no less.”

:) “I, for one, think the new police chief in Middletown is trying. You people just don’t realize that his hands are tied behind his back because of certain councilpeople and officers on the force who are anything but team players.”


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