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Sound Off - 12/18/13

Posted 12/17/13


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:) “Thank you, Rollers. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank …

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Sound Off - 12/18/13




“Hey, yeah, I’m calling for the publisher and owner…”


{play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2013_SoundOff/12_2013/121813/Hey yeah.mp3{/play}

  “Thank you, Middletown, for putting on the street…”



{play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2013_SoundOff/12_2013/121813/Thank you.mp3{/play}


  “Yeah, Highspire should be ashamed…”



{play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2013_SoundOff/12_2013/121813/Yeah High.mp3{/play} 


  “Please place in paper: They shouldn’t turn over…” 




{play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2013_SoundOff/12_2013/121813/Please place.mp3{/play} 





“Well, Fred, I see you made the Press And Journal again…” 




{play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2013_SoundOff/12_2013/121813/Well Fred.mp3{/play} 


:) “I want to send some encouragement to the dad who is working a second job at Karns to support his family. I hope you are quietly proud, knowing that
you are going that extra mile to be a good provider. You are a good husband and a good father – an example of what every real man should be. And to all the other parents out there that are protectors and defenders of their spouses, their children, and their families: You hang in there and don’t give up.”

:( “There were a lot of angry parents in Middletown about the recent snowstorm and school being canceled at the last minute. Students were already at the bus stops. The actual blame of the cancellation falls directly on the shoulders of Middletown Borough mismanagement. The borough management decided that the roads in Middletown didn’t need to be salted, and in turn the school buses could not travel the roads safely due to the very icy conditions. Courogen and McNamara: Did you really stop and think before you acted on this cost-saving venture?”

:( “There should be a slumlord list in Middletown. My landlord would be on it. As much money as he makes, he puts nothing back into properties and we have to fuss to get stuff fixed for safety reasons. What do you do?”

:( “I saw the borough spent over $150,000 for lawyers in 2013. And you guys and girls on council say we’re broke? Really?! Who are you trying to fool?”

:) “Just wanted to thank the librarian at the Middletown Public Library. She’s doing a fantastic job. I know she had big shoes to fill when Miss Christine left – or was forced to leave – but Stacey is working hard with what she was handed by the elected leaders in my town.”

:( “Explain to me why Middletown’s mayor should be cut off from what is his responsibility for emergencies in town? Yet again another power move by McNamara to throw his weight around. And I have to hand it to Mr. Jim Curry, our next mayor, who also is not happy about this. I just hope someone on council vetoes or stops this. Do you have any idea what a slap in the face this is to Bob Reid? Apparently not.”

:( “Funny how Councilman Dave Rhen has not said anything at any council meetings. Then again, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.”

:( “Last year there were Christmas trees in downtown Middletown. What happened this year? Oh, that’s right – there’s no money. Maybe council could’ve had one of the consultants being used and paid so much money buy them as a donation. Or better yet, why not the lawyers the borough is using so much?”

:( “My car was broken into while parked in Middletown. I tried to call the police but couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone number for the department. Why am I not surprised?”

:( “I think I’d give real money to see members of Middletown Council run in the Rudolph Romp – or even the borough secretary or consultant. But then again, we would probably need an army of paramedics on hand. Heyyyyyyyyyy…”

:) “Thanks, Press And Journal, for the free movie and Santa at the Elks. It was well run and all of the kids were well behaved and excited. My daughter got a pair of them reindeer antlers for free. Hope you have this next year.”

:) “I appreciated the letter from the Middletown superintendent about the snow day, but I want to say it was totally unnecessary for her to explain why she did what she did. You had the kids’ best interests and safety in mind, and for that I thank you. To the complainers: tough!”

:( “Did anyone notice that most if not all of the sidewalks on borough properties in Middletown were not shoveled or cleaned of ice and snow? What an example for the town, huh?”{jcomments on}


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