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Sound Off 12/11

Posted 12/10/13


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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.:| “To the gentleman who called in to Sound Off about Bob Givler not getting elected: The …

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Sound Off 12/11


:( “I hope this Thanksgiving Day opening for stores backfires on them. There is no need for Black Friday anymore. How stupid can they be? I love it. I never shopped on Black Friday anyway.”

:) “Thank you to Fred for a great haircut and beard trim. I seem to get younger and better looking every time I visit. Fred’s Barber Shop is a Middletown treasure!”

:| “Now, people, I already know why that train derailed in NYC. It was going into a turn at 85 mph when the speed limit there was 30 mph. OK, ready for the answer? Of course the conductor was on his cell not paying attention.”

:( “Are you serious? A parent wanted to sit in on the interviewing process of a coach. Say it isn’t so.”

:) “Good point on Social Security and for those who paid in but never lived to collect it.”

:( “The school needed to lend all students iPads for the year and not just select grades. Not every class is made up of families that can afford those luxuries.”

“:( It’s amazing the misinformation that’s out there. You either misunderstood or you are that gullible that you actually believe the lies they tell you. Maybe you just enjoy trashing people. Either way you’re wrong. Grow up and get a life!”

:( “Wow! Those complainers in last weeks Sound Off kind of surprised me. Not much class in those comments.”

:( “Isn’t it astounding that you can read a Sound Off and know exactly who is writing them. I live in the borough and can see the BS that’s going on. I’m not too happy to read the propaganda that a flunky of theirs is writing. Remember people: You can’t believe everything you read.”

:| “God hates a lying tongue!”

:( “Who gives a flying fudge how many hours someone spent decorating? She wasn’t elected to the decoration committee, she was elected to a government body whose sole function is to govern, not decorate. The decorations are what’s called ‘the icing on the cake’ whose purpose is to be decorative. Get it?”

:) “President Clinton is my favorite president, followed by Obama. I love the fact that our new mayor is a Democrat, and so are most of our newly-elected council members. I love Democrats. Democrats, Democrats, Democrats. I love Democrats! I can’t wait until we have another Clinton presidency!”

:( “Dear Press And Journal: I would like to publicly THANK YOU for keeping us informed as to what Chris Courogen and this council is doing, i.e, calling an arson investigator from the DA’s office and a reporter from the Harrisburg newspaper to the Elks Theatre. How low can you people go? Apparently, pretty far. I implore Gordon Einhorn to take any legal steps he possibly can in this matter, and I hope one of them includes having Ed Marsico investigate why one of his investigators was there. I personally plan on calling Mr. Marsico to make this request. I also hope it’s not true that the Elks Theatre is going to be turned over to the ICDA. If that happens, it might just be the last straw for me. I’ll rent my house out to as many college students as I want to cram in to it, since the new zoning is so poorly written and contradictory that a first-year law student can easily tear it to shreds.”

(Editor’s note: The reporter who showed up for the codes inspection was from the Press And Journal. We knew in advance that the inspection was scheduled, and were permitted inside by the theater’s owner, the Greater Middletown Economic Development Corp.)


:( “Lower Dauphin field hockey won a second straight state championship. Is it not time to get out of the same division as Middletown, who has not beaten LD since, maybe, the Kennedy administration? Do not be sissies, Falcons – move up where you belong. And while we are at it, take district champ LD football off the Blue Raider schedule as well. We just do not have the numbers to be consistently competitive.”

:( “There is a home in Middletown that displays two Confederate flags. I regard this as an offensive reminder of the days of slavery. Ironically, the home is on Race Street!”

:| “A union is only as strong as its members. Lol. You guys are screwed.”


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