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Sound Off - 11/27/13

Posted 11/26/13


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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


:( “I was stunned to hear a parent of an athlete wanted to be able to sit in …

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Sound Off - 11/27/13


Click here to submit a Sound OFF.

Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.

:( “I was stunned to hear a parent of an athlete wanted to be able to sit in on anyone being interviewed to be coach. It’s these parents that make it ugly, and think they know more than the coaches and referees. These are the kind of parents who think their kid is the best on the team, and most likely they aren’t. Just be happy they have a team to play on. Stop living through your kid and let it go.”

:( “To the person who says that Fox News is “fair and balanced”: You need to quit smoking crack.”

“Yeah, I just read in the paper where Givler…”


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  “Good evening, several years ago the American Legion…”




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:| “Hummelstown taxes are not going up but Royalton’s are, and probably Middletown’s also. Do you think Hersheypark has anything to do with that? International airport, nuclear power plant, Penn State, Pennsylvania Turnpike, railroad station – all right here in our back yard, and our taxes go up. Are you kidding me?”

(Editor’s note: Royalton Borough Council held a workshop meeting on Sunday, Nov. 17 to work on its 2014 budget, and said it hopes to hold the line on taxes.)

:( “Just found out that the newly-elected mayor plans on handing control of the police department over to our corrupt council? I knew you were not totally truthful to us as far as your alignment with them! I no longer have respect for local politics.”

:) “Congratulations to the 13-year-old Middletown Teener baseball team with a 16-0 season.”

:( “I don’t think you get too many deals at Walmart anymore. Their prices on a lot of things are going way up.”

:( “If a new high school is built, I surely hope they don’t start naming parts of it or the building itself after some teachers or coaches who wouldn’t deserve their name or any recognition other than their name attached to an arrest warrant. Nepotism, bullying and no fair play from many – not all mind you, but many. But I do have a few
suggestions for the
spaces above the bathroom urinals.”

:| “I believe you got that wrong, Jim. If you got your information from the borough administration, then it’s no wonder. If I recall, the borough employees set up lights in Hoffer Park during working hours with one non-employee. His name was Richard Plott (Yuk Yuk). The highway department always looked out for him. And when it came time for Santa to visit, those union employees volunteered their time. There was no overtime. As for the particulars to the grievances, unless you read them, I wouldn’t put much faith into rumors. I wonder what Richard would think now. God rest his soul.”

:( “You always hear about how Social Security will run out of money. What about all the people who pay into Social Security but die before they ever collect a dime? What about all that money?”

:) “Democrats are saving the federal government, and now they’re going to save Middletown.”

:) “I’m so happy that the current council was voted out, and even happier that the replacements are Democrats.”

:| “Whatever happened to people going Christmas caroling?”

:( “I think Middletown athletics makes a poor decision every year by allowing the wrestling program to move up to AAA, and not stay in AA where they belong. That’s arrogance on the part of the coach. There’s nothing wrong with staying in AA, and finally winning some championships instead of losing to schools the size of Central Dauphin and Spring Grove every year. Stay AA and compete against schools our size!”

:( “To the person who owns that big black truck and does U-turns on Maple Street: You need to stop doing that. You’re going to get fined. First you were driving on the wrong side of the road, went over two curbs and did an illegal U-turn and went through a stop sign. I got your license plate number. If I see you do it again, it is going to cost you a lot of money.”{jcomments on}