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Sound Off - 11/20/13

Posted 11/19/13


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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.:( “It’s a shame to put anyone in office that thinks Obama is doing anything good for …

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Sound Off - 11/20/13


“You can’t make this stuff up. Councilman Brubaker … ”


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“Yeah, I was driving west on 230, and I was stopped … ”



{play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2013_SoundOff/11_2013/112011/Yeah I.mp3{/play}

:| “I like the borough’s watered-down version of the Penn State party this past Friday night!! Anyone who was there in the area would have been able to tell you it was crazy, and if it wasn’t for all the cops there it would have been worse!! They had a hard enough time just running people out of the streets, much less trying to make arrests. If it was so mild then why did I see a bunch of the cops with the big riot cans of pepper spray and the police dog?!?!”

:( “Dirty McNamara/Courogen politics as usual. Had enough. I am moving!”

:) “Thank you for the kindness of Aayushi, who saved a muffin for me at the Middletown Area Middle School Veterans Day presentation. The school district should be proud of the middle school students who all made the veterans feel very special during Friday’s assembly. Thank you to the parking lot greeters; the students at the refreshment table; Mr. Cook, Mr. Little and Mr. Etter; to the band and flag front; to Kate, Katie and Mark for insightful essays; to the buglers who played ‘Taps’; to Anthony O’Donnell; and to all of the MAMS behind-the-scenes staff who made the event possible. I am so thankful that students like these are the future of our community. And I am so thankful for the school district that instills such values.”

:| “Good football record this year. But some of these poor seniors ended up on the short end that should not have.”

:) “I am so proud of our young athletes. They’re an inspiration to the younger kids. I’m proud to be from Middletown.”

:| “Middle school iPads are great – however, teachers who send modified due dates via e-mail over a weekend are not cool. Not every student checks their e-mail daily while not in school. Also, please don’t send the rubric the day before an assignment is due.”

:| “Hats off to the officials in Londonderry Twp. regarding the sewer inspection law. A lot of work - most of it thankless, but they have no choice. I found them to be respectful to the citizens – more than I can say about the officials and empoloyees in Middletown.”

:) “Great job to all those who participated in the middle school fall play! Thanks to all those involved in making it happen.”

:| “I’ve got one word for soon-to-be Mayor Curry: VETO. Remember that, and you can be the keystone to undo what has been done.”

:| “To the baggers at Giant: I really appreciate the service you provide. However, please know that although I have my own shopping bags, you don’t need to overfill them. I have plenty. They become too heavy if you fill them too full. On another note, please don’t put canned goods with fruit.”

:( “Tell me: Why doesn’t our town’s police chief ever come out to meet the people?”

:( “Lower Swatara Twp. is completely responsible for the hideous destruction of Eagle Heights. I still want to know how much GreenWorks, KGH, and Penn State paid off the official(s) to get this complex built. The people of Eagle Heights were played and flat-out lied to by their very own township the entire way through. Karma always wins in the end.”

:| “Anne Einhorn should not have any voting priviledge when anything comes up concerning the Elks building or the Elks Theatre. Thank you.”

:( “Saw the thing about the free movie and Santa at the Elks on Dec 7. Will council be there to be the Grinches?”


:( “To the person who owns that big black truck and does U-turns on Maple Street: You need to stop doing that. You’re going to get fined. First you were driving on the wrong side of the road, went over two curbs and did an illegal U-turn and went through a stop sign. I got your license plate number. If I see you do it again, it is going to cost you a lot of money.”{jcomments on}






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