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Sound Off - 11/06/13

Posted 11/5/13


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:| “If the investigation proves they were racing on Main Street, I hope they …

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Sound Off - 11/06/13



:( “Why would a person who does not and never did live in Middletown immerse himself so much into town politics? He talks about borough employees living high off the hog but he also is employed by the borough with a higher salary than most of the union employees and doesn’t even do his job. Guess someone is nervous there might be a new council soon and then he will be joining the unemployment line. One can only hope.”

:( “It is hard to understand how a mean, angry and disrespectful person in a public service position can keep his job. If he spent as much time doing his job as he does posting negative things on Facebook and online, maybe things would be different at the borough office!”

:( “Why do people who have never left Middletown think they are better than the rest? This is the only place that I have lived where I have ran into so many two-faced people, they will literally smile to your face and talk crap as soon as you turn around. People grow up and learn that your nasty ignorance has not made this town any better of a place to live. Better hope that God forgives ignorance is all I can say.”

:) “I just read CEO say women who wear high heels have no brains. Lololololol.”

:) “Whatever the outcome of the elections in Middletown I don’t care. As long as my lectric is cheap and I don’t have to worry about coppers breathing down my neck I’m good. I’m good.”

:| “Has anyone in town tried to get health insurance through the ObamaCare program? I have and guess what - it’s more expensive than I ever paid.”

:) “I wanted to thank the folks at Penn State in Middletown for the mayor debate. It helped me make my decision. The college’s sponsorship of this was fantastic. It’s what a good neighbor does and they didn’t even have to do it because I know the school is in Lower Swatara. I for one am now a serious supporter of this school. It is our future and the future is bright!”

:( “Did you know you can’t leave a voice mail message when you call a Middletown cop? Now that’s service for the taxpayers!”

:( “And remind me once again why all of the trees had to be cut down in Middletown. Go ahead ignore it.”

:| “When will this madness stop?”

:) “Who can I call to help with next year’s Middletown Halloween Parade? I know it’s a lot of hard work and I’m pretty sure they don’t have a lot of volunteers. Funny how the borough didn’t lend a hand like they did with the so-called Labor Day Parade.”

:) “I’m so proud of the alumni from Middletown High School. The events warmed my heart. It’s what every small community would want to have. You’ve restored my faith in the fact there are good people in this country with solid values and neighborly love. Thank you!”

:( “I thought when the closing of the Middletown Communications Center was announced it would result in increased dispatch times for emergency calls within the borough, and unfortunately on Friday morning, Oct. 25, my fears came true. The first call for the Pineford fire was made to County around 7:08 a.m., but the units were not dispatched until approximately 7:12 am. The dispatch wasn’t made immediately when the first call was received which cost precious time and made the fire much worse than it should have been. This delay needs to be investigated! Closing the Communications Center is not worth the few dollars I am saving on my electric bill, which is less than $25 dollars a month. Peace of mind is priceless. I hope a delay in dispatching did not contribute to the tragic fire on State Street Saturday morning.”

:( “Shame on you Barb Arnold for holding another secret meeting. There you go again thinking the laws don’t apply to you. You would think you would do everything by the book, such arrogance.”

:| “Remember the dog and pony show by McNamara about the emails and messages between borough management - how it was illegal and a major investigation would shock everyone. How much time and money was spent on that witch hunt? No investigation. Shocked am I? Nahh! OK so now let’s see the e-mails and phone records between McNamara and his borough secretary.”

:| “Any police department can post high arrest numbers, but to see the true effectiveness of a PD look at the conviction rates of those arrests and how many even make it past the preliminary hearings. Any officer can say, ‘your under arrest’ and every time they do it’s listed as an arrest stat, but that’s just the beginning.”

:( “You Corbett haters are the same idiots who defend Obama with his screwed up health care, spying on Americans and allies, the Mexican arms trade, Bengazi response, and gas remaining around $3-$4. You are clueless morons who want nothing more than gay rights and welfare to ruin our society.”



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