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Sound Off - 10/16/13

Posted 10/15/13

* Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.

:) “ ‘Psycho’ at the Elks Theatre was a great show. I’ll ask again: Can we have a midweek movie night? Discount the price of …

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Sound Off - 10/16/13


“Just wondering if anyone else is having good luck … ”


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“Who in their right mind would let $300 … ”


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>:( “Middletown is in a downhill slide and McNamara is on top of the pile of **** going down the hill.”

>:( “I understand that King Chris is knocking down the borough building so the future council can’t have it.”

>:( “I have a plan to get Middletown some money: Sell lottery tickets. The grand prize is the opportunity to throw Courogen and Koneck out of the borough building when they get fired in January.”

:( “I have lived in Middletown my entire life and have never seen things so bad. I cannot get ahold of anyone at the borough by phone. I get the run-around when I go there, like no one ever knows what is going on, and then to boot, I can’t even pay a parking ticket with cash. This town needs an enema.”

:) “Thanks to the Middletown football team for playing with desire and spirit. The same to the cheerleaders and band. Such positive energy. It makes me feel young.”

:| “Is it time for the school district to look at eliminating buses? I used to walk to school – never hurt me.”

:( “Obama needs to accept responsibility. This shutdown is happening on his watch. So he needs to stop blaming the Republicans – after all, he said he would not negotiate. Quit being a preacher and be a leader.”

:( “How on green earth does the football coach get press for being a great coach when he is just riding the backs of kids that can run? They have three running plays and a pass to No. 9 or No. 13 on a screen. It is all the kids, not coaching. Really? Anyone can see this. He has talented kids. But he is bad at knowing how to use them to their best ability.”

:) “Hey, Press And Journal, thanks for putting minutes and agendas of local councils and boards on your website.”

:( “Is anyone but me upset that the plan to fix Middletown’s downtown includes getting rid of three or more businesses? Doesn’t anyone care about this?”

:( “The Middletown Giant, Turkey Hill, and 7-Eleven should be ashamed of themselves! Your gas is still 9 to 16 cents higher than everyone else outside of Middletown! Who cares about your gas rewards if you’re still gouging us at the pump?”

:( “Borough-supported Christmas decorations have been a part of Middletown streets for as long as I can remember, and that is about 55 years. The first ones I remember were made from the old metallic foil garland with light bulbs that I believe were 25-watt bulbs. Around 1968, new decorations were purchased from donations by local businesses and individuals. These were similar to the old ones but with more realistic green plastic material and multi-colored lights. Samples were hung at Main and Union and Union and Emaus over the summer to generate donations to purchase the new decorations. Originally, the lights were only hung from the square to Ann and Union, and on Emaus Street between Pine and Catherine streets. I don’t remember what year they were expanded to all of Main, Union and Vine streets but I remember there was a lot of support in these areas for the expansion. I am not sure what year the current realistic garland ones with red and white lights were purchased. There were some of these missing last year, especially at Union and Main. I hope this is NOT a tradition that has to die because of the problems this council has caused.”

:| “I am sending this before tonight’s football game: If we do not have a passing game and cannot defend the pass, that and turnovers will kill us.”

:( “I think our football coach only knows four running plays and two pass plays. He just was lucky to get talented young men.”

:) “Blue Raiders fall short, but have everyone’s respect.”

:| “Does anyone have any information on a spring rock music festival I have recently heard about that is scheduled to be held at the apartment complex parking lot of Penn State students located between North Wood and Lawrence streets in early May? Our band is interested in playing and would like to know who to contact. Thanks!”

:( “So will this new authority in Middletown be buying properties in town? And tell me, who will benefit from that? Follow the money folks, follow the money.”

:| “Eagle Heights is making a comeback. After years of decline, the college housing is bringing life back to the hill. For years, the area was full of dilapidated houses and trailers that were an eyesore to the community. Sadly, the homeowners didn’t care enough to keep their houses up. You could ride through the neighborhood and see a portable toilet sitting on a porch, a rusted grill in the yard and faded old Christmas decorations that no one ever bothered to take down. It’s good to see a neighborhood becoming productive again.”

:( “Is it true that Middletown’s fire department did not receive the money it was supposed to have received from the borough? If that’s true, I can’t believe how heartless these officials are towards our brave volunteer firefighters.”

:( “Rachelle Reid was vice president when electric rates were at an all-time high. Why would anyone want her to represent the First Ward?”

:) “I helped Mrs. Arnold with decorating the park and she was the nicest lady that you could meet. She needs to stay in charge of it.”


>:( “Democrats are destroying America.”

:( “Obama is DESTROYING AMERICA. Wake up people. Obamacare will destroy this country.”

:| “From what I understand the new healthcare plan will help those people who are really sick so they can finally get insurance. Is that so bad?”

:| “Jesus said,’ I am way truth and the light, no man shall enter the kingdom of heaven but through me.’ Realize the only way to heaven is by asking Jesus into your life knowing that He died on the cross was buried and rose again to take away our sins.”

:| “John 3:16.”

:| “School performance report was in Sunday’s paper Oct. 6. Robert Reid Elementary School received a D. Out of the five counties listed their were 144 elementary schools, eight others also posted Ds. Why the bad grade?”

:| “Still have yet to see a Middletown cop walking a beat. That’s a great way to build community support for the department – so why isn’t it being done?”

:( “60 mph to respond to a call? Do you have documented proof it was only a fender bender or bar fight? Maybe they’re responding that fast because a rape or armed robbery is in progress? No, I guess those kind of crimes don’t happen in Middletown, just the crimes of irresponsible parents who let their kids play on a busy street, or pet owners who let their pets roam around unleashed. I’m not suggesting the police are perfect, but neither are you.”

:( “I’ve been seeing lots of borough workers past quitting time. Why are all these employees getting overtime for stuff that could be done during the day? Why are these borough officials giving overtime to wash windows? That’s right, washing windows. I went to Karns and there they are washing windows and doing gardening stuff. These borough officials are complaining about employees getting overtime and they’re authorizing overtime for this? Vote them out! It’s obvious they are lying about the employees just to bring negativity to the hardworking employees that this town has.”

>:( “There is a new diet that is called the ‘Radar Gun Diet.’ You can brag to your friends that no matter how big or small you really are, the government has scientifically proven with their latest technology that you are skinny. To prove it to your friend, have them drive you past one of those mobile speed indicator trailers that has the radar and make note to your friend that it is working because it flashed the speed of your friend’s car. Then tell your friend to go around the block and stop before coming up to the radar gun trailer so you can get out and walk towards it. Ask your friend to take notice that, no matter how fast you are moving, it doesn’t register your walking speed. Why? Because the radar gun relies on body mass to bounce back a usable signal to determine the approaching speed. Since the radar gun has determined you do not have a large body mass that means you are thinner than government speed detection technology can determine and, therefore, without depriving yourself of all the goodies you like to eat you are suddenly skinny since the government has proven, according to their high-tech standards, they don’t recognize your body as large. This works with folks riding on bicycles and on motor scooters, too. Now, to celebrate our new found ‘thinness’ let’s go have another slice of pumpkin pie, maybe with a little bit of whipped cream on top. No, with a lot of whipped cream on top and some apple cider as a chaser. Radar Gun Technology – who would have guessed it was better than stepping on a scale?”

>:( “Republicans are destroying America”

:| “It’s time to sell the Middletown water system. This town needs money. Council has cut and there’s nothing left to cut. Sell it now.”

:( “Rome destroyed themselves from the inside out and now the Republicans are destroying America the same way. Wake up, America, and vote the Republicans out before it’s too late.”

:) “I’d like to thank the borough for picking up leaves. The place looks much better after they pick up.

:( “Why are they painting the bleachers at War Memorial during season games? Someone didn’t plan this well at all. We pay money to get in and now sit facing the sun. Better planning!”

:) “Thank you, Detective Appleby, for all of the hard work you put into the Homer murder conviction. Your dedication and determination is like no other. You are by far one of the top detectives in Dauphin County. We are lucky to have you in Lower Swatara!”

:( “Commit a crime, go to jail – 100 percent health coverage, and if you’re lucky they might throw in a sex change operation if you want it. Think about it – the criminals get 100 percent health coverage in prison. Commit a murder, rape, arson, and 100 percent coverage. Law-abiding citizens are now being forced to buy health care or face a fine. ONLY IN AMERICA.”

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