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Sound Off--10/09/13

Posted 10/8/13


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:) “I was very happy to see some of the football players actually …

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Sound Off--10/09/13


 “I think the Middletown football coach is doing …


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:( “I would like to say thank you to the Middletown Police Department. Since you have moved it is now a pleasure to live on North Catherine Street. No more police cars blowing through the stop sign at North Catherine and West Water at 60-plus mph and no more sirens at 2 and 3 in the morning when there are two and three cars speeding and blasting one after another. I am sure that the people on Race Street are now experiencing the speeding and noise, and these guys now have two or three stop signs to blow through! Keep an eye on your kids and pets, ’cause these guys could care less about them or they wouldn’t speed like they do on public streets that post a 25 mph speed limit. I do not know of any law or laws that allow a police officer to break the law. A police officer has to obey the same laws as you and I have to obey, and I speak from experience. Police are not outside the law, and if they are then show me it in writing. These guys speeding on our streets because of a drunk at the bar or a fender-bender outside the borough is not justification to break the law and speed and put residents in harms way. The cops in this town need to start working for the residents and not just for the thrill of it. As far as I am concerned, you could get rid of all of them and make Middletown a substation of Lower Paxton. Enough. Good luck to the residents on Race Street. You guys now have the problem I had for many, many years.”

:( “I do not understand why all the moving is going on around the new police station. I thought the cops were moved in there back in June. I am not happy with all the extra noise in my neighborhood. I especially don’t like all the seedy types showing up around the police station and looking around at me like their next victim. I don’t know whose bright idea it was to put the police station in a residential neighborhood when the rest of the borough is down behind Fox’s.”

:( “I see the school board did another fine job in hiring an athletic director. Mr. Personality.”

:( “Let’s review what has happened in Middletown since King Chris has taken over: 1. You cannot get a straight answer from any borough administrator. 2. You cannot pay your bills with cash. 3. No one answers the phone. 4. Thirty-one employees have been laid off, quit, or retired since December 2011 5. They have locked the police station doors and fired the operators. 6. There was the flood buyout debacle that is like a festering splinter 7. We cannot get a cop when we need one. 8. Council members run away from citizens and won’t talk to us. 9. We have paid more in legal fees that Lower Swatara, Highspire, and Steelton added together. 10. We can’t hire people to answer phones, but spend $18,000 on fireworks that lasted 22 minutes. 11. No roads have been paved since this council took over. Pothholes are everywhere. 12. We have had four police chiefs since December 2011. 13. We have had three borough managers since December 2011. 14. We have people in positions that are not qualified to do the jobs they are hired for. Do I need to continue? These characters need to go.”

:| “Love everything about the new football coach – except that he needs to cut down on the bad habits of penalties left over from the old coach that quit on us.”

:( “What a joke the Act 47 meeting was at the borough. No one from the state was there to speak. Just another mouthpiece of the McNamara machine being paid by our tax dollars to tell people what McNamara wants them to know. Unkovic was no more than another borough attorney making recommendations based upon what Mark Morgan wants him to know. I don’t think any of those idiots know anything about our finances. If any of them was in charge of finances in my club, they would have been arrested by now for fraud.”


:| “Lived in Middletown for just under 7 years and, despite all the problems, enjoyed ourselves very much while there. Although we now live a few hundred miles away, I always check back to see what’s going on. Sadly, it would seem not much has changed!”

:( “Rachelle Reid, please give up on council. You have been a joke and will always be a joke.”

:( “I have lived in Middletown my entire life and have never seen things so bad. I cannot get a hold of anyone at the borough by phone. I get the run-around when I go there, like no one ever knows what is going on, and then to boot I can’t even pay a parking ticket with cash. This town needs an enema.”

:| “I’m sure by now most people saw the video clip of the bikers chasing down a SUV. And to all the people against the so-called assault weapons with high capacity magazines, they always say no one needs that many bullets in a gun. And I say to the people, watch the video and you’ll see why people have them. They stopped this SUV in the middle of a highway. Right then and there his life is in danger. I would have run them over, too.”

:( “Blah, blah, blah about McNamara and the others. Words do nothing. Start acting on it people – create the change you want to see, or shut up. I agree with you all about that creepy goon squad, but just do something already!”

:| “What happened to the police officer that used to direct traffic in front of the high school in the morning and afternoons? It was good having him there!”

>:( “Democrats are destroying America.”

>:( “I have a plan to get Middletown some money: Sell lottery tickets. The grand prize is the opportunity to throw Courogen and Konek out of the borough building when they get fired in January.”

:( “Rome destroyed themselves from the inside out and now Obama and the Democrats are destroying America the same way. Wake up, America, and vote the Democrats out before it’s too late.’’

>:( “Time to grow up and go to anger management classes to the lady that put her middle finger up at a bus full of elementary students.”

:| “Watching parents and their kids act the same: That apple doesn’t fall far from the snob tree. They degrade, make fun of, or exclude any friends, which should be unacceptable and with consequences. Some parents don’t even realize their kids act that way because as the adult the behavior is identical. I guess they don’t know any better.

:| “Change has to start somewhere.”

:( “Amazing how parents think they know more about the games than the refs. Time for them to shut their mouths from the stands and get hired to put the stripes on and REF!”

:( “I live in a small mobile home park on Vine Street. I have lived here for more than 15 years and we have never had such disrespectful, out-of-control children live here. So to the man that lives down a few homes and the woman who lives down just a few more: stop letting your children run free. Grow up and become parents, not partygoers, with your kids!”

>:( “I understand that King Chris is knocking down the borough building so the future council can’t have it.”

>:( “The end is near!”

:( “In the coming days leading up to the local election, you will hear all of the things, good and bad, about the candidates. You should exercise your right to vote. You also should take on the responsibility to find out what your elected officials have done for our community. I have taken the approach that I do not want another two years of this in Middletown. I do not want councillors who will not think for themselves and report to their constituents. I do not want a secretive government and a propaganda machine that is fueled by our tax dollars. I do not want a skeleton work force that takes months to address my concerns. I do not want a council that is only responsive to special interests and certain citizens. I do not want a reckless future of moving borough assets without rhyme or reason, and I most certainly do not want a management staff of low moral character running the borough. If you are with me in all of these concerns, please go to the polls and vote these idiots out of council. If you don’t know who is responsible for this borough’s downward spiral, then let me tell you: McNamara, Louer, Rhen, Sullivan, Brubaker, Arnold, Brooks and Putric.”

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