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Sound Off--10/02/13

Posted 10/8/13

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:( “Why keep raising the price at the post office? Every time you do that more and more …

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Sound Off--10/02/13


 “Obama makes Jimmy Carter, the ex-president, look like the best …




:) “Thanks again for the Hitchcock festival, Elks Theatre. It was wonderful. I have a suggestion, though: Could you consider one night in which you have a deep discount price? Say, have it on a night when you’re never busy. Charge $3 for a ticket.”

:( “So, McNamara, what are we up to now with our solicitor? Some believe this council has paid over $750,000 but yet you will not submit to the Right to Know requests of some residents. Just so you understand, I’d rather pay a solicitor $100,000 a year and pay for my own fireworks than pay McNees, Wallace and Nurick $750,000 and have them donate $8,000. This council’s corrupt rein of terror on borough residents will soon be exposed.”

:( “Wow! A $50 fine if you’re caught texting and driving in Pennsylvania. That should stop no one. Who comes up with this stupid stuff? Make it a $500 fine and it might work. The only thing good about texting, period, is I don’t have to listen to some big mouth.”

:| “In Middletown’s National Night Out, who was McGruff, the crime dog?”

:( “Louer, Arnold and Brooks: tic, tock, tic, tock.”

>:( “Fire all the borough employees if they continue to file stupid grievances. We need volunteers.”

:( “Tom Handley’s article is a joke. This comes from the man who works for AMP Ohio, the company who helped to financially destroy Middletown. Rachelle Reid – the girl who supported them.”

:( “Want to hear something scary? Tom Handley thinks like Obama. Obama is destroying America, Handley wants to destroy Middletown.”

:( “It was a shame, the women who don’t know how to act at a council meeting. You should learn how act and talk like a lady.”

:( “Why not fire the people who keep filing grievances? All they do is hide behind the Teamsters. The park used to be done by volunteers.”

:) “Nice to see Middletown supporting its sports teams through thick and thin – and now it’s thick with wins. All good.”

:) “I really enjoyed the movie and fireworks the council had on Labor Day. Who do I contact to help them get re-elected?”

:) “Pinch me – is the Middletown Raider football team really 3-1?”

:) “SHOUT OUT to the Middletown Youth club for everything I see them doing. Clothing drives, food drives. Way to keep active in your community. You set a great example for our future generations.”

:| “Don’t place all the blame on the borough employees for having grievances against the borough. The borough intentionally ignored the contract agreement between the employees and borough and were told that there would be grievances filed if they continued to do so. The employees were only trying to save their jobs, mostly to no avail. Most of those same employees would volunteer their time and efforts after the workday was done for Christmas in the Park. The timing for all this seems fishy with elections just a few weeks away.”

:| “Prediction: The next borough newsletter will come out right before the election and tell us how wonderful things are.”

:( “As for there not being any more Fall Fest in town, council voted to do away with it two years ago. It was a very nice event that was growing every year, but council said no. Now they want to try and put the blame on borough employees.”

:( “Don’t believe all the negative and bad talk about the borough employees. It is just the same few people trying to take the focus off our incompetent council before elections. Council chose to ignore a valid contract and decided to do what they wanted to because they said they could – knowing there would be consequences, and not caring. Now they want to cry foul.”

:| “You know, the borough employees were never against volunteers helping to decorate and get ready for the holidays. They just wanted to do what had always been a part of their job. Council was trying to find reasons to eliminate jobs.”

:( “For all of you in favor of this several million dollar downtown redevelopment, I hope you are ready to pay more in taxes just to have a new ‘green sitting area.’ For a town having no money this really is not a necessity. It won’t bring any more business since they will be doing away with three established businesses and there is nowhere for any new ones.”

:( “This council just continues to do shady business. They form a new authority to take over all borough assets just so the expenses won’t show on the general budget. As Mr. Louer said, the loan for the redevelopment for downtown won’t show in the general budget, it will be the authority’s responsibility. Where is the authority coming up with the money? Somehow we taxpayers will be paying no matter how council shuffles the numbers. This council is no better than the previous councils they keep blaming for all the town’s money woes.”

:( “McNamara’s and Louer’s agenda from Day One was to get rid of the employee union. That was a major reason for hiring Morgan, known for busting unions one way or another. They must have a really big grudge or sour grapes against unions. They would rather give away all borough assets and destroy this town so no employees are needed.”

:( “I’m so glad to see Barb Arnold’s only thoughts about unions is to ruin this town’s holiday. I’ll  have you know, Barb and Ed, that the union members from different locals give more to the needy families and food banks around the area than you will ever know. Members from our unions help many families with presents and food during the holliday season. So for you to say the union is out to ruin the holiday spirit is outrageous.”

:| “Let me just address and correct the person who said Rachelle Reid was loud during a council meeting: That was not Rachelle Reid, it was me. I was told by another resident, who has not been in this town long that all residents were thieves. When I asked him to explain how exactly I am stealing from the borough, this ‘grown man’ jumped in my face and started screaming about how much him and his wife have done for the town. After it took three men to pull him out of my face, he continued to yell that we steal from Middletown and Rachelle just happened to walk out at that point. So please get your story straight prior to posting in Sound Off. Thank you.”

:( “No Christmas lights? No way! That is so sad! Not a good move at all.”

:( “To all the union bashers out there, here’s a truth: You’re either a member of management writing lies about the details of the grievances, or you’ve been lied to by management with incorrect information regarding those grievances. In the end, it’s all the same,: You’re wrong.”

:( “I think council gets together in their executive sessions to discuss what lies they want printed in Sound Off. There are so many. No wonder it takes hours when they are locked behind closed doors.”

:( “Barb, you said you weren’t doing Christmas in the Park this year. Why all the tears?”

:| “Due to health, I cannot get to football games, and do listen on the radio. I agree that this football coach is full of himself a bit. Also think he should be proud of being a Division I player. But his job now is to develop kids to do just as he did. So now you cannot live in the past  – show us what you can do for our kids today.”

:| “Hey, Middletown Borough Council: If we can’t have volunteers decorate Hoffer Park for Christmas, at least have the public works department hang the street decorations. I know they did these last year, not volunteers, because I seen them doing it. Christmas comes only once a year and it is a time to celebrate Christ’s birth. You have money for all your other pet projects, and they are not doing anything during the day anyway except filing grievances. If this town is not allowed to celebrate, I will consider you all atheists that do not believe in God and the joy the holidays should bring to everyone.”

:( “OMG. I just read that Middletown will not be allowed to decorate for the holidays this year. Children will really be upset. Guess we’ll have to go elsewhere to show our children really nice decorations. What a bummer – and I thought last year was the best ever. Just goes to show you how bad it’s getting to live in Middletown. And I thought that Middletown wanted to beautify the downtown district. Why not use some of that money to decorate the park?”

:( “I want to ban fat teachers at schools, and ban fat nurses that say kids are overweight. I want all teachers to have a drug test. And I want them to take a common sense test to see how stupid they are. And I want the teachers to have a dress code so they act their age. We don’t need the top of the school buses painted silver, or those stupid lights on the top – if you can’t see a school bus there’s something wrong with you. And we don’t need cameras in the buses, and we don’t need schools closing because of an inch of snow. And get rid of the backpacks – you could hide an arsenal in those things. I didn’t have all this stupid idiotic stuff when I went to school. This is why schools have no money – because of all this needless spending on stupid things.”

:( “THIS COUNCIL is exactly the reason why unions are needed! Employees need some protection against idiot employers.”

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