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Sound Off--09/24/13

Posted 9/24/13

 Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.

>:(  “Let’s see – we have eight worthless councilors, and there were eight comments in Sound Off patting council on the …

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Sound Off--09/24/13


:( “McNamara, when the truth comes out once the new council is elected, may I suggest you head south! You and the seven others are destroying our town, and us residents have no say in anything you are doing. You have no agenda before the council meetings and you have hour-plus long executive sessions where you do your dirty unethical political deals behind closed doors. Everything is cut and dried when you return, and I am sick of it. Arnold, Brooks and Louer: All you have done are self-serving deals, like king McNamara, which will have horrible consequences in the future. This resident is fed up and is willing to start a class action suit against this governing body.”

:( “I don’t care how many feathers he has in his hat, I’ve tried several times to speak to the police chief about a matter that is of concern to me and he blows a lot of smoke but does nothing. As a former state police officer, I can tell you this: He is no leader. Whoever hired this man should be fired as well. Heaven forbid something big should happen in this town because he is not the man you want in charge! We will all be in serious trouble. Mark my words.”

:( “To the person who stole the flower delivery off my porch on Catherine Street: Did you read the card you threw into the street? If you had, you know you took a gift that was to console me after losing a family member. Thanks so much for adding more pain to my loss.”

:( “Looking forward to seeing the colors of the leaves this fall. I used to love the color of the trees in downtown Middletown. No more. No more.”

:( “There is a serious issue that is taking place at the Middletown football games.The students are taking alcohol into the student section and getting drunk during the game. It’s absolutely pathetic. It ruins the environment for the students who are doing the right thing and just want to root for their team. The police and high school administration needs to get involved immediately. It’s spreading rapidly and it must stop NOW, but it won’t happen without your help.”

:( “I wish the Middletown cheerleaders would cheer down near the student and band section. I think they would get much more support than they do cheering in front of the older fans. Most of those fans pay little to no attention to them.”

:) “I think Royalton did a great job with the ice cream social. Nice prizes for the kids, and it really brings the community together. Everyone there was so nice and we left feeling happy. Thank you!”

:) “The Blue Wave Marching Band is the best. A lot of hard work and talent. Salute to all of you!”

:( “Teamsters and non-uniform employees are ruining our town because of the ton of grievances they file. It sounds like the fall festival and Christmas in the Park has to be cancelled. They want four to eight hours comp time for all employees for each volunteer that helped with decorating the park for the Labor Day weekend activities. A town is made of volunteers.”

:( “Fire all the non-uniform employees and start over without a union.”

:( “Rachelle Reid’s behavior was terrible at the council meeting Monday night. We do not need immature people like you on council. Vote for Mr. Louer and Mr. Handley for First Ward.”

:) “I can’t wait to see how nice the downtown will look when it is done. Thank you, council, for trying to making our town a better place to live.”

:( “The editor of this paper is so liberal, and clueless.”

:| “While a lot of times I don’t agree with things put in Sound Off, I find many thought-provoking. I would miss it if it goes away.”

:| “So tell me why the daily newspaper now costs $1. It used to be 50 cents, didn’t it?”

:) “I saw a week or so ago a compliment posted about the Lower Swatara police stepping up the enforcement on trucks and speeders on Union Street. I also saw somebody respond that they count many trucks going past and not all of them getting stopped. In the past couple of weeks, I have seen many trucks being stopped right by 283 or by the high school and industrial park. It’s quite possible that even though they pass and you don’t see the police car right behind them that they are waiting. Union Street is a hilly, tight and curvy road and really has no place to stop a car let alone an 18-wheeler without causing more of a traffic headache and danger to the public. Keep up the good work, Lower Swatara – your community supports your efforts.”

:( “Stonehill has ruined this town, and now our council is trying to save our town. People like McGlone and Rachelle Reid are trying to finish our town because they have no life.’’

:( “Why don’t this paper put all the articles in Sound Off?  You pick and choose to protect your liberal friends.”

:( “So Barb Arnold’s heart is broken because there might not be Christmas in the Park. And there isn’t money to pay the employees for a job they have always done for years until last year? First, boo-hoo, broken heart. You mean you have one? And if there is no money, why did council hold a fireworks display to the tune of $17,000? Donated, you say? Right – donated by the company this current council paid thousands.”

:( “It’s a shame that this council is so ignorant to their employees. President McNamara, you can spin anything to make something look so horrible when actually there is a different side, such as grievances by their representing unions. I have lived here all my life and have seen issues that require attention on both sides, but how you, Louer and Arnold mislead the residents with your lies is disgraceful!”

:( “Did you notice there were no police officers at the Night Out a couple of weeks ago? I understand a case of blue flu struck most of the guys. Hope they recovered, because from what I understand two more of you will be gone soon.”

:( “Hey, council, your meeting about the borough recovery plan was a joke. You brought in the receiver that failed in Harrisburg and who now works for the borough’s solicitor to give his blessing on a plan that McNamara dreamed up and Morgan worked the numbers. Shame on you all for what you have done. The lies and mismanagement of this town can no longer continue.”

:( “To President McNamara and his little buddy Courogen: You both are so talented with your lies and deceptions that I bet you can convince your council that the Pope is Jewish! I am very disappointed in my council.”

:( “Now Middletown’s Public Works Department union is saying that individuals cannot volunteer to help decorate the town or Borough properties for any holiday without them being paid for doing nothing. Come on, guys, this is just another reason labor unions should be abolished altogether. They come up with unrealistic demands and restrictions that not only do not make sense, but the courts and borough officials stoop to their demands. This latest event was aimed at decorating Hoffer Park and the square at Christmas and for fall activities, but think about it – it could also be implied by this ruling that Memorial Field could not be decorated for football games and other sports events by student volunteers because the field is also owned by Middletown Borough. Any union that wants to push this kind of thinking should be eliminated because it does not promote goodwill between the members and the people they are being employed to serve.”

:| “Pennsylvania needs a tax on food and clothes. People come to Pennsylvania from surrounding states to shop. It would take the burden off the property owners.”

:( “How sad that the union employees have to constantly file grievances and complain. If they’d do their jobs, like clean up the parks, volunteers wouldn’t be needed.”

:( “No selling of our assets. This town needs to stop these crazy people on council. Bankruptcy and low property values is what you’ll have left when the money runs out!’’

:( “Reading the article from the editor, and find it disturbing that being an editor of a newspaper that you are always bashing the borough council. I always thought if you can’t say anything positive, don’t say anything. Have yet to read anything how you would handle it if you were in their shoes. You should be writing how the union is ruining any good thing that council tries to do. They should lay off all union employees and contract services out. And as far as downtown beautification goes, do you ever look at downtown? It looks like a ghetto – buildings falling apart and no new business wanting to come downtown. So before you complain about council you should come up with a solution, since everything they do is wrong. How about giving us some of your ideas?”

:( “This is for Mrs. Arnold, the lady on council: I understand you bashed your employees at last week’s council meeting for having their union last year grieve that you and other people decorated for Christmas rather than have your employees do it as they always have. But what you failed to mention was that you, along with the rest of the councilors, laid off over half of the borough workforce just weeks before because you claimed the borough had no money – but , amazingly, you found over $30,000 for new decorations. I am beginning to believe you are also involved with driving the borough into bankruptcy just so you can get state aid for a new downtown. This is not why I voted for you.”

:| “Middletown will never get any better. Why? People spend too much time badmouthing their own community for anything good to ever happen. Residents of Middletown complain about everything, yet they won’t do anything to make the town better. New ideas are discouraged or shouted down by the “do-nothing” crowd that is responsible for the current conditions in town. It’s not the borough council or police or football coach that keeps people from moving to Middletown – it’s you! Who wants to live in a town where its residents hate it?”

:( “Michael Dalton posted on Facebook: “Yet again just another tactic being used by this council to lure people into voting for them. This borough council knew that grievances would have been filed if they performed work without using borough employees but they went ahead and did it anyway. Now I am not against using volunteers, I love to volunteer and I did volunteer to help decorate Hoffer Park last Christmas season, but there was no reason why 2-3 borough employees couldn’t be down there each day assisting during the day and then volunteers at night and weekends to do some of the work as well. It’s all about communication which this council is VERY POOR at!” Tactic? That’s exactly what happened! The borough employees did help string lights in the park during their regular-scheduled work hours. The volunteers worked in the evenings and on weekends! This is nothing more than borough union workers being greedy and stirring up trouble! Decorating should be volunteer work. What a shame that the borough union employees expect to be compensated for work done by volunteers. The residents have every right to be upset. The borough council is being “transparent,” just like people have asked them to be, and all you do is complain. Yes, during the entire decorating season, Michael probably showed up one afternoon. He was probably fishing for information, as usual, so he could play both sides.”