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Sound Off--08/28/13

Posted 8/27/13

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:( “Louer, Brooks, Arnold and the rest of McNamara’s cronies: Keep your $17,000 …

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Sound Off--08/28/13


“It is totally ridiculous that we are sending foreign aid …”


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“Yeah, the money that they’re using for the furniture …”


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“Yeah, on 230 from White House Lane all the way … ”



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:( “Just heard Councilor Sullivan is moving. May I say, the sooner the better? Middletown residents deserve a councilor that works for us and not just McNamara’s twisted agenda of destroying this once-proud town.”

:| “I see that the council is going to tear down the building that is housing the Laundromat, the Fearless Dragons Martial Arts school and the End of the Trail Tattoo parlor. That is just great – but what are you going to do with the buildings on the south side of the street between the Hairport and the Press And Journal? These three empty storefronts are an embarrassment to the whole downtown area with the paper on the windows that is slowly tearing apart and/or falling off the window inside the building. Make the owners clean up that building. It really looks like – well, let’s just say really bad.’’

:| “I don’t think the Press And Journal will print this, but I think it is important and something to really think about in this time and age: Why do we have TMI so close to an airport? We saw what happened on 9/11. You could never ever stop a plane in time that’s supposed to land at HIA and at the last second aim the plane at TMI. They always said that TMI would survive a direct hit from a plane – well, like I said, look at 9/11. The people in Middletown and surrounding areas would have no chance. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.”

:) “The dance and singing group Fusion at Hersheypark was great this year. Only a couple of weeks left – if you’re there check them out. Hope they bring them back next year. Lots of energy. I don’t know how they do five shows a day. They never disappoint. Up the hill from the bumper cars at the Chevrolet Music Box Theater.”

:( “So again, I ask why this council cares nothing about what the residents want? You just gave away all borough property to this stinking industrial authority and now they will have control of how our downtown is designed – all while the residents pay the bill. These members of the authority are not even residents of Middletown, with the exception of McNamara – and we all know what happens when he is in charge! This lifelong resident has had enough.”

:( “This is to the person who followed my mother to her home and complained to her about her driving. She said you stated that you were a traffic safety officer or insurance adjuster, but you failed to provide any badge or employee identification. I find this behavior very unprofessional – and you had my mother very scared by confronting her in this manner. You were pulling away as I was coming down the street and I just missed you. I do have a description of your vehicle – and you’re lucky I was not there when you went off on her!”

:( “I bet the judge who barred the ID voting law from taking affect in November is a Democrat.”

:) “I would like to thank the borough council for a job well done reducing my electric bill. Well done and appreciated.”

:( “Obama is destroying America, and Democrats support it and Republicans sit back and do nothing about it.”

:( “Call me a party-pooper, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how Middletown will be able to build a new $55 million high school without raising taxes. If that kind of money is sitting around, why do my children receive a low-quality education? It is time for Lower Swatara to join Lower Dauphin and let Middletown keep their school district.”

:| “Support the NRA – fight for our gun rights.”

:| “Obama is destroying America from the inside out, and Democrats are too blind to see it. WAKE UP before it’s too late.”

“Michael, not all stupid people are Republicans, but all Republicans are stupid people. It’s no coincidence that red states have lower IQ scores. Perhaps you should consider moving to one.”

:( “Parents, if your kids are in sports don’t take your vacation within two weeks before school starts. Seriously – better planning is needed.”

:( “Look closely at the school district’s board minutes over the last three years. They have hired more administrators than they had before the drastic cuts. They cut teachers, janitors and secretaries and never replaced them. But they keep hiring more administrators. The board needs to start looking for quality administrators rather than quantity. Of course, the district did find the money to hire a close family member of the board president. How about bringing driver’s education back by cutting some administrators?”

:( “NOOOOO! Please do not put sycamore trees downtown! I swear that the reason they’re called sycamore is because you get sick of more leaves. Think of wet leaves on a sidewalk being a potential lawsuit. Can’t say you weren’t warned!”

“I just thought of a really good fundraiser for the library: voodoo dolls of McNamara, borough council (except for Sites), and Courogen.”

“Does anyone know how to find out if anyone on council ever filed for bankruptcy? I’m assuming several of them have. It seems like they have a case of the ‘I want and I’ll figure out how to pay for it later.’ ‘When I can’t pay for it, I’ll just file for bankruptcy and let someone else worry about it.’ ”

:( “Help me to understand how the borough can afford to spend millions of dollars to make the downtown look nice when they couldn’t even afford hanging flower baskets this year?”

:( “Can someone please tell me the wisdom behind driving a school bus all over town and paying two school employees to collect school supplies (see the Fill the Bus campaign on Middletown Area School District’s website)? This from a district that has no money! Why don’t they leave the bus parked, have the employees do their jobs ... the money they would save could buy school supplies. I guess this is the kind of garbage you get when you have a district that has more administrators than they know what to do with. Can’t wait to see the next brilliant idea out of the less-than-stellar group.”

:| “I see several of Mike Bowman’s buildings are listed in the Dauphin County land bank. It targets vacant and blighted properties. I hope the old strip club is the first to go.”

:( “We must defeat Barbara Arnold! Don’t let this smoke screen of fireworks fool you!”

:( “When are people going to realize that Middletown is not BROKE? There is an over-abundance of money from the old electric rate when it was sky high. King Farquaad and the crew claimed that we are broke. Laid off employees, reduced services – and now we have a newly-renovated police department, furniture to go with it, new police cars and a multi-million dollar plan for downtown. I agree something needs to be done to the downtown. But this time last year, ‘We don’t have enough cash to make it through April 2014!’ And now council is spending money like they have it. Guess what: THEY DO!”

:( “It amazes me that council applies for Act 47 and at the same time spends the taxpayers’ money like we have all the money in the world. Someone has to stop these idiots! Can’t wait for the November election. We need to clean our house up by getting rid of some of these morons.”

:( “Anything that the present council puts in place can be wiped out by a new council with a majority vote. That’s a fact, JACK.”

:( “I was at the Raider Night at Memorial Field. When is the school district going to move those public address speakers? Unless you’re sitting in front of the press box, you can’t hear it very well on the sides! Please spread out the speakers!”

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