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Sound Off--08/21/13

Posted 8/20/13


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:( “The ObamaCare is already affecting things. I just had blood work …

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Sound Off--08/21/13


“In response to the Aug. 7 editorial ‘Cemetery Property Sale’…”


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“The sale of cemetery property to GreenWorks Development …”



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“Yes, that is pretty ridiculous about the fireworks …”


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“I’m reading the Press And Journal and I see where the council …”



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 “This is an open letter to the Emaus Street … ”



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:( “No matter how you slice it, I don’t want a feel-good fireworks display when my library’s hours are reduced, my police officers are gone, my streets are unsafe because there are no workers. Come on. Can you guys and girls on council be so one dimensional?”

:| “Coaches, watch hazing. Just because of talent or team status doesn’t mean they are allowed. If they are belittling and not supporting or encouraging their teammates, kick them off.”

:| “I just saw a news clip that some restaurants are starting to ban kids under a certain age. That’s been long overdue. I LOVE IT. I don’t like noisy kids and, especially, parents who don’t correct them. When I go out to eat I should not have to listen to kids pounding and yelling while their parents are on the cell phone looking pathetic. The restaurants don’t make much money on kids anyway to put up with all the bull. The parents are the reason the kids are the way they are today. A lot of parents have no values themselves today so you can’t expect their kids to have them.”

“To the middle-aged woman that was talking about my grammar: I neva spill wung.”

“Are people really aware that what they post on Facebook can been seen by millions? And you’re surprised by the response?”

:( “Why are there no cops out patrolling the streets? Because Mac and Company cut out about half of the personnel! They had 18 officers two years ago. Down to nine now! Plus, back then the chief actively patrolled. The new guy can’t do that, as he is not yet a cop. Why does no one answer the phone? Because Mac and Company closed the communications center. No one is there to answer the phone. Mac also sent the police secretary to work in the Wastewater Department. Look around. Things are not being done because Mac and Company decided to get rid of positions. Oh, did it ‘save’ money? Well, you decide. Money spent on renovating buildings that are in no need of renovation (the finance office and the electric department/police station), money spent on fireworks, money spent on everything EXCEPT personnel. Oh, yes, and lawyer and consultant fees. So before you HERE complain about the loss of services, why not pay a visit to Mac on Pine Street, because he too fails to answer his phone!”

:| “Boy, do I miss the old football coach already. We hardly had to do anything and still got to play. I could not believe how many boys were out there this week actually doing something and working hard at it. What a new coaching concept by somebody that cares about the team.”

:| “What happened to the ordinance that read that the police chief had to live in the school district?”

:( “And once again we see that the borough has made no effort to help the Elks Theatre – a non-profit business that benefits the town. What is it with the egos of you people?”

:| “Has anyone considered a catfish fishing tournament? Seems like a good idea.”

:) “Glad to see the students from Penn State coming back. They’ll help our town make ends meet. I would ask they respect our town, which, in a way, is their town now. I have good thoughts for them. They are our future.”

:( “No answer to my suggestion that Middletown council people donate their pay to help the structural deficit. Wonder why?”

:( “And just how much will the suit against the former Middletown solicitors cost the town? And I’m not just saying the dollars – what about the town’s reputation? You’re like a bunch of junkyard dogs. You all need to be kenneled.”

:| “Have a suggestion for next year’s Night Out: Have it all downtown.”

:| “And when was the last time you went to church?”

:) “I know fall high school sports are starting soon but be aware of the fantastic spots at Penn State Harrisburg. Check ’em out, folks.”

:) “Hey, Press And Journal, I like your Facebook page.”

:( “And still there are no Middletown police reports in the Press And Journal. What are you police trying to hide? Over $200,000 to make a police palace and you can’t tell the people what’s happening through your hometown paper?”

:( “How’s that union thing going, Middletown? Still love the union?”

:( “What a once-proud town Middletown was. It has degenerated into a backbiting, egotistical slugfest lead by the current council. Think I’m kidding? Try getting info from them or even talking to them. And if you do get through and talk to some one, expect to hear sarcasm and have them hang up on you when you disagree with what they said. Or they’ll say – probably the borough manager – that he doesn’t know anything.”

:) “Elks Theatre: the best bang for your entertainment buck in our area!”

:) “Any way we could have the flags flying in downtown Middletown all of the time? They look so nice and help give some color to the area.”


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