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Sound Off--08/14/13

Posted 8/13/13

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:) “The Night Out was good, but I would like to Monday-morning quarterback and suggest …

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Sound Off--08/14/13


 “Yes, I would just like to talk to the person... ”



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:( “Once a cry baby, always a cry baby. Grow up and teach your kids loyalty.”

:( “Stop putting all the blame for our town’s current condition solely on McNamara. It takes a majority, and as long as he has councilors Arnold, Brooks and Louer going along with his deceitful back-door deals and unethical management, this town will continue to be comparable to Harrisburg. I would like an investigation of every transaction this council has made!”

:( “There’s a rumor going around town that these crazy people running the borough are going to tear down the highway department and the old police station and lose all that money and asset just so the new council next year won’t be able to use the buildings. These are the people running our town. Who would ruin something just out of spite?

:( “Is it me or are there less patrols by policemen in Middletown? I rarely see them anymore. Used to see them around town – now not at all. Not in the budget?”

:) “It’s not hard to see what these clowns are doing. They’re giving all the parks and playgrounds and assets within our town to a new authority. Turning over the deeds is a sure sign that they won’t be borough property anymore. This is our tax money you’re wasting. Quit giving away and selling the assets that we work our ass off so we can pay taxes and have services. By selling off all the town’s assets, are you going to drop our taxes?”

:| “So tell me, what will the next budget cut be for Middletown? I’d say let’s sell the borough building and move into the palace that the police department has. There’s plenty of room there.”

:( “This is a small town, McNamara. You should learn to keep your big mouth shut. You’re telling people that the borough has plenty of money and that this has nothing to do with money. All you’re looking to do is break this union and fire all these people who spent their lives serving the community. Shame on you, and shame on you, too, Mr. Louer. Your lies sure don’t represent your good name very well.”

:( “The only reason our properties here in the borough are lacking is council laid off more than half of the employees. The only reason it takes 8+ hours to fix the electric when power goes out is because council laid off all but one of the lineman, then,when they realized what they had done they refused to replace them. So this, my fellow citizens, is what you call self-inflicted. And they don’t care!”

:( “I wish everyone would stop complaining about the police and the borough officials. There is a valid reason nobody answers any phones in Middletown offices and the majority of doors are locked. They have much to hide and can’t give an intelligent answer to anything asked and can’t be believed anyway. Give them a break; they sit in those offices hiding or in the cop shop all locked in to take our pay and return to their homes outside of Middletown to spend our money elsewhere, unless they are using our gas money (cops) to ride to Subway in Highspire and return to the cop shop, walk in, lock the doors and get more unfit. This is what Middletown turned itself into. And when did license plates become interchangeable from one vehicle to another? I guess you need access to different plates and vehicles and have a lack of morals and integrity and have a police force with no leadership. Again, give these losers a break! The last leader of any power-abusing group in Middletown was Chief Miller about 20 years ago. This force went downhill when he left because of no leadership, oversight or professionalism since. And when you get to the borough officials, Mr. Stonehill and since have been their downfall. Look how many council’s had obvious conflict of interest votes and no integrity. We would not have had a council member charged with not even being a resident and running for council if the position was not so lucrative – right, landlords who vote on landlord/tenent issues? Again, quite a valid number of reasons for locking doors, not answering phones or returning calls. Can anyone say integrity, morals or professionalism?”


:( “This town is messed up. You can’t get ahold of the electric department or the police,or the mayor. The only thing that I do know that you can get in this town is a cold.”

:) “Kudos to Harrisburg International Airport for the awesome open house. What a great family-friendly event. We all enjoyed touring the airplanes and talking to the crews. Plus it was free. It doesn’t get better than that! What a great community event. We hope you do it again!”

:| “To whoever put in about Harborton Place: I went online, too, and can’t find anything out anymore. I don’t know how they expect to get people to move mobile homes in here if they don’t exist online anymore. And they don’t advertise – they have lots to fill, and lots of them. They used to have online the people who owned it and who ran it. Now it’s as if the park don’t exist anymore. I feel the same way – something is going on.”

:( “Ever hear the saying that you have to work hard in life to get what you want? Well, I worked hard and started out with nothing and I still have most of it.”

:( “The way this country is going, soon the middle class will be on Section 8.”

:| “The wages of sin is death, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

:| “Jesus hates the sin not the sinner.”

:) “Thanks, Officer Rux and Borough Council, for a great job on National Night Out.”

:) “I would like to thank Councilwoman Arnold for all the hard work she does. You put in so many hours as a volunteer for Christmas in the Park, July 4 and National Night Out. It seems like you are always there to help. We need to support people like her to stay on council.”

:( “While they coddle you and woo you, our council is preparing to get rid of borough buildings permanently. Our assets destroyed. Why? So it’s harder to rebuild what these clowns are tearing down. They do not have our best interest at heart.”

:) “I would like to give a shout out to Duane at the Hairacy on Union Street. Duane has been my hairstylist for 20 years. He’s been very good to me over the years, and I consider him a friend – and he gives great haircuts, too! Thanks Duane! Love ya!”

:( “Mid-Penn Media Day for football, why was Middletown the only school from our division not to show up? Is it we just do not have any kids with talent? Guess it is going to be another one of those years.”

:( “Hey, let’s use what money we have left from the electric fund to pay for more attorneys to sue the former solicitor and still not get back the money we lost!?!”

:( “When will council quit trying to pretend Wheeler is a police chief and bring Sweitzer back? He’s really the only one that can do the job.”

:) “This is in response to the person looking to rent kayaks on the Swatara Creek. Two weeks ago my girlfriend and I rented from Cocoa Kayaks (just Google it) and had a great time. It’s so easy. I had a blast. The people running it were so friendly. I hope to use them again soon, and have only the highest of recommendations for them.”

:( “Dauphin County Domestic Relations loves to coddle the deadbeat parent. They must have forgotten it’s supposed to be helping the children, not allow arrears. Learn from other counties.”

:( “To the person commenting about ‘well, almost don’t count’ in regards to the crosswalks. Would you be saying that if it were your kid nearly getting hit? NO. You’d be angry and upset. Start thinking as a community and that it can happen to anyone. Change needs to be made to make this town better for everyone.”

:| “Dear Middletown Police Department: I know you have had to go through a lot of changes this past year. I don’t see you out and about protecting our streets much anymore. I just hope there are still enough policemen left to keep everyone safe. Please remember that Penn State students will soon be back on campus. Please patrol the local streets going in and out of Penn State as often as you can. The students seem unclear as to what a stop sign or ‘MPH’ means. Every year it is the same. Students racing to and from class all hours of the day and night. Any help you can give them as a reminder to slow down, come to a complete stop at the stop signs, and keep their music down after 8 p.m. would be appreciated. Thank you.”


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