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Sound Off--08/07/13

Posted 8/6/13

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:( “To the person complaining about the crosswalks that said they almost got …

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Sound Off--08/07/13


 “Why isn’t the curbing being painted at intersections …”



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“Yeah, let me be the second one to ask what happened to …  ”



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:| “Middletown police need to do a crosswalk sweep. I stopped on Main Street to allow an elderly gentleman to cross the street ‘in the crosswalk’ and was passed on the right by four vehicles, while additional vehicles coming in the opposite direction never bothered to slow down! One of the vehicles passing me on the right could have easily hit this pedestrian if he had not been on the lookout for those idiot drivers!”

:( “I’m sick of the liberal views of this paper. Last thing we need is another Democrat for governor. Corbett has gotten the budget under control and another Democrat would destroy Pennsylvania.”

:( “Again, when will councilmen and councilwomen refuse their pay? If they truly want to be public servants then give back to the public what you shouldn’t have and don’t deserve.”

:( Did you take notice Detroit/California/Harrisburg/York, and many more states, cities, towns and schools that are bankrupt or in financial distress run by Democrats and unions? Here’s your sign. Change parties – join the Republican party and help save America before it’s too late.”

:( “Obama healthcare is going to destroy America. Wake up, America, before it’s too late.”

:| “Obama and Holder are trying to make this country a racist issue. I have black, white and Hispanic friends, and they are all good people.”

:( “Marriage is between a man and a woman. This is what God has spoken, so it does not matter what a court says. Repent, because God forgives and loves.”

“I cannot support the Boy Scouts anymore. With the decision to allow gay kids in the Scouts, you put out the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance – and it is one nation under God, and our God says being gay is wrong.”

:| “So when is our new code officer going to crack down on the broken sidewalks and curbs in town? I know it will cost money, but couldn’t the borough offer a low- or no-interest loan for those homeowners who can’t afford it? It would also require that only local contractors be permitted to do the work. No out-of-towners. What do others think about this?”

:| “Jesus says, ‘I am the way truth and the light that no man shall enter the kingdom of God except through me.’ Please find Jesus in your life.”

:| “There are districts that have so many trying out for school teams that they have to make cuts. Some schools get barely enough to field two teams. The best of the best, or keeping all that go out, is kind of why. Come on – do the math.”

:| “I would rather have gay neighbors than have drug addicts, drug dealers or alcoholics beside me. It sounds like you would rather have murderers, rapists or pedophiles living next door just as long as they are not gay.”

:( “I can tell you if the minimum wage goes up to $9 or $15 an hour, I will lay off those people who are working for my business. I won’t be able to afford it. What idiots!”

:| “Hazing, peer belittling, no team support and coaches embarrassing students – maybe that’s why enrollment is down. How can a team be strong when inside there is turmoil among teammates? Unite as a school and be strong.”

:) “I’m a Penn State student and I’m happy to pay extra for classic movies at the Elks. Watching movies online or on TV is not the same. When else am I going to get to see ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘The Shining’ on the big screen, in the same month?!:D”

:( “Don’t you just love it when all these people who are against minimum wage are the ones making more than minimum wage?”

:| “Somebody explain to me what a donation is. I always thought it was whatever you could afford to give. When they say ‘$5 donation,’ or whatever, to me it’s not a donation – they’re doing it to avoid taxes. How can they get away with that?”

:| “Well I feel the same way. There should be a police report in the Press And Journal to let the people know what’s going on. To me there are two reasons why they’re not doing it:  1. The mayor is telling them not to put it in, or 2. They’re too lazy to put it in. I have a feeling it’s the second one.”

:( “This is in response to a Sound Off on 7/31. The person stated, ‘there are no morals in this country no more’ and ‘if it isn’t the blacks complaining then it’s the gays complaining. If you don’t like this country, get out.’ Here is my response to you: If YOU don’t like this country, YOU can get out. Blacks and gays are part of this country. As a matter of fact, they fight wars so that your sorry behind can make ignorant statements like that. Ugly comes in all colors and, apparently, so does stupid since you don’t know proper English. It isn’t morals in this country ‘no more’ – it’s morals in this country ‘any more.’ I’m sure there are blacks and gays that are much more educated than you. Oh, and apparently white people complain, too, since you are the one complaining. I also want to point out that it’s normally white men (such as yourself) that are serial killers – serial killers and mass murderers – not blacks or gays. For the record, I am a middle-aged white woman. I’m simply sticking up for what’s right.”

:( “Is Middletown selling the reservoir? Last I heard a developer was eyeing it up for a nice trailer park. THAT would be great, wouldn’t it?”

:| “This is neat: I was playing on the PC and I came across 53 FCC registered amateur radio licenses in Middletown, their names and addresses.”

:| “I think our borough residents who are receiving ‘Section 8’ funding should form a club. Meet once a week or once a month for a potluck supper. Get together on your concerns. Attend the monthly council meetings or have a representative attend the monthly council meetings. Show this borough that you are good, law-abiding citizens who aren’t expecting handouts but want to be involved. Learn what it takes to get out of Section 8 and into the middle class with middle-class values. Government assistance of any type was meant to be only temporary. Section 8 will pay for better housing. You don’t have to live in what are considered ‘slumlord’ apartments. Only you can prevent forest fires – only you can make a better way of life for yourself! No one owes you! Start giving back by getting involved in your town! Getting involved might help you advance! Getting involved is free! Section 8 people need to wake up! The government wants to keep you down so that you won’t have a mind of your own. Your poor choices got you into this situation, now you need to get involved with others who can make a positive difference in your life. Get to the council meetings, National Night Out, library activities, school board meetings; attend a local church, volunteer so you can give back. For residents who are not living in Section 8, please offer your help with our residents who have fallen on hard times. Maybe they’ve gotten into ruts and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of complaining about our Section 8 residents, lend a helping hand! Not with money, but with your time! Get to know them! Show them what middle-class values are! Set a good example! If you went to trade school or college, explain how you were able to do so. Explain how you got out of your own rut! These good people are our neighbors! Do what Jesus would do! Invite them to church, to council meetings, to block parties, to get involved in volunteer opportunities! Stop complaining about our Section 8 residents!”

:) “Get behind our local high school kids. Support them. Don’t coddle them, but be fair.”

:| “I’m looking for a business that rents kayaks so I can enjoy the Swatara Creek and the Susquehanna. Are there any in the area?”

:( “So now the borough is bringing an iron fist down and slapping the rec board. Why am I not surprised? How long are you people going to take this? How much of your town are you willing to lose?”

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